One step away from the NFL: 10 Mexicans were tested

10 Mexican prospects have begun their search to enter the NFL. This Saturday they carried out the scouting tests of the NFL International Combine in the city of Monterrey, in the facilities of Los Borregos del Tec.

From here came the last two Mexicans who have managed to access the highest world category of American football:

Isaac Alarcon
, the Dallas Cowboys, and

Alfredo Gutierrez
, of the San Francisco 49ers. They started their sports career precisely in Los Borregos, hand in hand with Coach Carlos Altamirano.

The promises, 10 Mexican and 3 Brazilian, began the day with gym work, before jumping onto the court to execute speed and jump tests, among others that involve a high level of competition with and without the ball.

Héctor Zepeda and Héctor Zepeda, two great promises

Hector Zepeda, offensive lineman for the Tec Borregos, is one of the most likely to get a password to enter the NFL. He plays as an offensive lineman and was a partner of Alarcón and Gutiérrez, with whom he maintains close contact.

“They tell me to enjoy the process, to do my best, to do everything in my power and the rest will follow. It is a pride and a very important opportunity for me to be in this place “, he declared to TV Azteca Sports.

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Hector Siller, linebacker, also excelled in testing and said he felt ready to fulfill his NFL dream.

“I felt very good, very skilled, I was able to perform all the exercises as expected, and it is a dream to have this possibility. We already have Isaac and Alfredo there, and I hope the opportunity will be given, ”he said.

The players who were in the NFL International Combine tryouts

1. Juan Alamillo          DB
Lobos BUAC
2. Jose Cajiga             SS/LB
White Eagles IPN
3. Ryan Gomes           OLB/SS

Rooster (Brazil)
4. Juan González WR / KR
Borrego Guadalajara Tec
5. Rodrigo Jurado OL
Linces UVM
6. Claudio Montalvo FB / TE
Authentic UANL Tigers
7. Axel Montini RB / KR
Lions Anahuac Cancun / UANL
18. Agustin Palacios OL
Pumas UNAM
9. Pollys Pereira          OL
Rooster/ Berlin Thunder (Brazil)
10. Leandro Santos FROM
Rowing Lions (Brazil)
11. Hector Siller OL
Borregos State of Mexico Tec
12. Giustino Silvestro WR
Lions Anahuac Mexico
13. Hector Zepeda     OL
Borregos Monterrey Tec

The results will be announced mid-se December.




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