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On the way to seventh heaven?

by archysport

Coupe de France / 6th round.

In the 7th round of the cup, the Gard is sure to have a representative, Uchaud (R2) receiving Nîmes chemin bas (R2). Chusclan-Laudun (R3) who hosts Saint-Estève (R1) and Vauvert (R2), at home against Frontignan (R1), also dream of seeing the federal round.

1 Uchaud-Chemin bas: between neighbors

Listening to the actors of both camps, this draw finally suits everyone. “It suits me very well, it’s 50/50, confirms Benjamin Delprat, the coach of Uchaud. The two teams know each other well, there will be no surprises. She will be the hungrier who will qualify. “

Between the current 2nd in Pool A of R2, Nîmes chemin bas, and 8th, Uchaud, who plays at home, there should not be the Longchamp straight line at the finish. On the Nîmes side, after having driven six hours on a Saturday in the previous round and having gone to win a penalty shootout (0-0, 4 to 3) in Saverdun (Ariège), moving at just 10 km necessarily changes the given. “It’s always better, our supporters will be able to come and support us, notes Stéphane Dartayet, the technician of the low road. In this match, there will be no catch-up. But I have confidence in my players. “

Uchaud (R2) receives Chemin bas (R2) at 2:30 p.m. at the municipal stadium.

2Chusclan-Laudun: a new feat?

“More than the players, it is especially the entourage in the village that must be calmed. People think that by having released (2-0) Béziers (N2), it will be easy against Saint-Estève (R1 ). But that’s not how it works “, warns Philippe Morel, the coach of Chusclan-Laudun. Before dreaming bigger, the Gardois are already savoring it. “It’s historic for the club to go until the 6th round”, notes President Max Tardits. After having already released an R1, Castelnau (4th round, 1-1, 5 tab to 4), the R3 team does not want to stop itself.

Chusclan-Laudun (R3) receives Saint-Estève (R1) at 2:30 p.m. at the Ludovic Labeaume stadium in Chusclan.

3Vauvert: Remembering good memories

“The club’s alumni reminded us of their 80s saga (Vauvert, then in DH, had offered the D3 of the OAC, 1-0, in the 7th round, Editor’s note). We want to write our own story. ” Kamel El Mahrouk, FC Vauvert (R2) striker and French beach soccer international, sets the scene. The past is the past. And the present is Frontignan (R1). In this cut, the Vauverdois have already eliminated two formations of R1 (Vendargues and Cazères). Never two without three ?

Vauvert (R2) receives Frontignan (R1) at 2:30 p.m. at the Radelyevitch stadium.

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