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Omar Castillo González will participate in the 2021 Junior Pan American Games

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The Mexican athlete Omar Castillo González is part of the list of more than 35 athletes who will represent Mexico at the Junior Pan American Games in Cali, Colombia 2021 to take place from November 25 to December 5.

“I’m excited about the level of competition there is, I’m also nervous because it’s an international competition, it’s another level, the competition is different, that’s why I’m also preparing myself mentally, psychologically, because I think that being there your nerves beat you.”

Motivation for the young Under-23 category he is on the edge, since four years ago he had been denied the possibility of representing Mexico. You know the level is very strong, but expects to surpass his mark of 29:46 in the test of 10,000 flat meters.

“For us the most important thing is to focus on a certain pace that the best runners bring, I think it will run at an approximate time of 28 minutes, which are the marks of the Americans who have 28:37 I think.”

Omar Castillo continues his preparation

To do this daily runs around 25 kilometers, with distances on the track, on the volcano and at lower latitudes, with almost two hours of training and twice a day.

The young athlete thanked the support he has had from the private initiative to be able to have what is necessary for his training, and from the state government. They already ask him to have results in international jousts to aspire to a stimulus.

37 classified in Edomex

The entity has 37 classifieds so far and some additions are expected. All of them in the disciplines swimming, track and field, handball, artistic swimming, modern pentathlon, rowing, sailing, bowling, boxing, boating, taekwondo, judo and gymnastics.

The most outstanding athletes

Given your experience highlights Sofía Ramos Rodríguez, U-20 world walking champion; Ismael Bernal Mejía. The boxer Brandon Mejía Mosqueda; the mermaids Ximena Conde Merlos, Fernanda Jiménez Peón, Athena Meneses: Mayan Oliver Lara and Ana Cecilia Meza, pentathletes.

WE SUGGEST YOU Wait Tania Elías Calles good results in the Junior Pan American Games

The sailors Mariana Aguilar Chávez Peón and Mariana Guzmán Casas; the judoka Katia Castillo Bustos; Tomás Manjarrez, Alejandro García, Spamer Chávez, Gabriel Arce and Braulio Esquer, members of the handball team, to name a few.


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