Home basketball Oklahoma City surprised Thunder Wednesdays and collected 26 points to beat Los Angeles Lakers without LeBron James

Oklahoma City surprised Thunder Wednesdays and collected 26 points to beat Los Angeles Lakers without LeBron James

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Los angeles lakers was the favorite To win your visit to Oklahoma City Thunder While doing so Without LeBron JamesWhich is back to keep due to the pain in my right ankle. The facts of the two teams were revealed in the first minutes of the match, Los Angeles leads by 26 points. However, in an unusual way, It was the thunder that won 123-115 with what will be One of the biggest returns From this normal stage you are just getting started.

Indeed, this return after his departure Lost of 56-30 When I left 6:42 in the second quarter Matches the biggest Oklahoma City comeback in history (In 2019, he recovered from two equal losses against the Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls.) What happened to give you? First win of the season To the franchise in the rebuilding process, Full of under 23s in rotation And against a rival with many league legends, it definitely has a special flavor and could end up being the highlight of the Thunder’s 2021-2022 campaign.

Steal and crush Darius Bazley who got angry Russell Westbrook, who ended up being fired From his previous franchise course, he kind of defines the joy of Oklahoma. so I did Galgos e Alexander Michael Jordan Tea Party, the star of this OKC team and the top scorer of the match with 27 points (5-11 in three, also distributed 5 assists and collected 9 rebounds).

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Oklahoma had already moved away at the end of the second quarter with a good pass from Bazley (20 points and 6 rebounds per game) and a better entry from Isaiah Roby (9 points in the second half), Entering the first half losing 72-56 “alone”, still in the game. When he destroyed it he was in The third quarter, which won 41-23. From 6-18 in three times in the first half it went aa 8-12 four bombs from Shay. The Lakers were not accurate in the second half: 4-21 out of three times in this time With 2-11 between Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony.

Homeowners have come out on top of the chart lately, but The match gave the feeling that she was going to run away from them like she did against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday In the match they won until the third quarter but the one in San Francisco ended up winning without too much final effort. However, at no time did Thunder give up his lead on the scoreboard.. In fact, it extended it to 108-100 and kept it in the eight-point range for a long time until it hit A bunch of madness with more mistakes from both teams.

Airballs by Malik Monk and Carmelo Anthony, a thunder defeat for eight seconds without being able to cross the center of the field and another of the Jedi who gave the ball to the Lakers to go even 10 seconds before the end of the game … Angelenos was very close to the game in the last minute but They missed three different opportunities to do so.

Sean James, Russell Westbrook e Anthony Davis They occupied the main roles and scored more than half (13 out of 20) team points in the fourth quarter, but in the clutch they excelled. Milady finished with 30 points and 8 rebounds shooting 12-22 from the field and Ross had a triple 20 points (8-20 from the field), 14 rebounds and 13 assists which could be a four-double with a negative side counting his 10 losses.

Carmelo Anthony e Avery Bradley They added 13 points from the bench with a different era (5-14 from the field and 1-8 to three for Milo, 5-7 from the field and 3-4 to three for Bradley) and Monk didn’t have much in the way of the goals for a long time. Straight (9 points with 1-5 in triples).

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In Thunder, you need to highlight activities se ci (17 points and basic defensive action against Westbrook), please Derek (15 points in 26 minutes with 7-8 from the field) e Rookie school principal Josh Giddy: The Australian scored his first double in the NBA with 18 points and 10 assists.

There was work for Argentina Gabriel Dick In this match: Santiago striker He scored his first two points of the season With one of my half-distance attempts he made when he came in to play the last three minutes of the second quarter. He also got a defensive rebound.

Both teams have bad records now (2-3 Lakers, 1-4 Thunder) and OKC will play again on Saturday against the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco while the Lakers will play one game earlier: next Friday they will play at home against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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