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October 28: World Judo Day

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Since 2011, October 28 is a special day for the Judo family and this has to do with commemorating the birth of Jigoro Kano. On this day in 1860 the world arrived in the small town of Mikage, near Kobe (Japan), who was to be the creator of the martial art.

The story arose after being a young student who suffered from the weakness of his physique and from there he was internalized in the Ju-Jitsu methods, thanks to which a person can overcome a rival with more force, from the use of his body and the strength of the rival.

The Argentine Judo National Team (2020)

After some years of study, in 1882 he founded the school “Kodokan”, where he teaches his personal method that was named after Judo. The name arose from the union of the word Ju, which means flex or yield, and Do, which is defined as the means or the way.

As of 2011, it is considered an important date for the world of judokas, who try to keep alive the intention of Jigoro Kano trying to form strong, healthy and useful beings to society. Thus, there is talk of promoting these values ​​and the ability to share them with as many people as possible.

During this date, academies, dojos and gyms usually carry out specific activities for the occasion, but since last year the situation has changed in terms of the pandemic. Even so, the tradition continues in the world of judo.

Judo in Argentina

Argentina is a country where martial arts have a special place and Judo is no stranger. At the sporting level, on the other hand, there are great figures and the legend of Paula WallO, the first woman to be an Olympic champion, in addition to being the only judoka with Olympic and world gold.

Paula Pareto, the greatest exponent of judo in Argentina.

The “Peque” is the owner of the only two medals in Olympic Games in this discipline (Gold in Rio 2016 and Bronze in Beijing 2008), and it is also the highest medal winner in World Cups for the country with three: Gold in Kazakhstan 2015, Silver in Russia 2015 and Bronze in Azerbaijan 2018.

In addition to her, there are two more medals in the World Cup to complete the five in Argentina and all of them have the particularity of being for women. Carolina Mariani was the first to achieve a medal, being silver in Japan 1995, and Daniela Krukower became the first world champion in Japan 2003.

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