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Novak Djokovic makes it clear in the vaccination debate about the Australian Open: That is the real problem

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“Djokovic’s statements made waves,” said Boris Becker in the Eurosport podcast Das Yellow vom Ball.
The three-time Wimbledon champion was referring to the interview that the world number one recently gave to the newspaper “Blic”. In it Djokovic covered the media, which he commonly experienced as “hostile”, with accusations. Above all, he considers the inquiries about his vaccination status to be “inappropriate”. This is a private matter.

Which the 34-year-old is basically right about.


Djokovic’s mother hands out against Novak’s wife Jelena


On the other hand, anyone who wants to compete at the Australian Open in January 2022 must present proof of vaccination. So it is practically forced to reveal oneself.

Djokovic: “Everyone has a bad memory of that”

Djokovic is bothered by something else about the matter. “The main problem is that you have to stay in your room for 14 days if someone who tested positive was with you on the plane – whether you are vaccinated or not,” said the nine-time Australian Open winner.

That “happened to Viktor Troicki in January. And not only to him: 70 others also had to go into quarantine. I have spoken to many professionals and that is something that everyone has badly remembered.”

Becker explains low vaccination rate: “Tennis professionals are free spirits”

Djokovic would like a different approach in the future. “I would like the players to get together a little more. Whether that happens through the PTPA, something independent or the ATP and WTA. Simply so that we can play a role in the decision-making processes.”

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