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Nobody stops Milar Córdoba BF (64-72)

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HANDBALL | Ángel Ximénez falls back into his fiefdom (31-33)

The Viveros Herol Handball Nava gets the victory on the difficult court of Mayor Miguel Salas against an Ángel Ximénez from Puente Genil who has been undone in the last matches of the Asobal League on his court. A match that began with the Segovian team being superior, while the Pontane team could not respond to the visitor’s impetus for much of the contest.

In fact, the first part was the real domain of the visiting team, although the squad led by Paco Bustos was able to compensate itself in the closing stages, managing to reach the locker room to equalize the contest. However, this power was useless at all, making the same mistakes throughout the second half, but still reaching the final stretch alive.

However, despite the insistence in the last minutes of the clash, Ángel Ximénez could not avoid the defeat against a Viveros Herol Balonmano Nava that attacked Mayor Miguel Salas thanks to an optimal regularity in his game that deactivated the locals, achieving a victory that raises him in the classification of this Asobal League.


ÁNGEL XIMÉNEZ DE PUENTE GENIL, 31: Álvaro de Hita, Alan da Silva, José Cuenca (3), João Pedro (3), Xavi Tua (2), Mihajlo Mitic (4), David Estepa (1) –starting team–, Délcio de Pina, Sean Corning, Felipe Borges (12), Antonio Pineda, Javi García (1), Chen Pomeranz (3), Pere Arnau (2) and Michal Martin.

NURSERIES HEROL HANDBALL NAVA, 33: Dzmitry Patotski, Filip Vujovic (1), Andrés Moyano (7), Nicoló D’Antino (5), Rodrigo Pérez (8), Gonzalo Carró (2), Jakub Prokop (8) –starting team–, Borivoje Djukic (1 ), Haris Pleh, Carlos Villagrán, Chrysanthos Tsanaxidis, Filipe Mota (1), Óscar Marugán, Adrián Rosales and Pablo Herranz.

PARTIAL: 1-3, 4-4, 5-7, 8-10, 12-13 and 16-16 (rest), 18-20, 21-24, 24-27, 28-28, 29-31 and 31- 33.

PRICE OFFICER: Andreu Marín Lorente and Ignacio García Serradilla. They excluded the locals João Pedro, Mihajlo Mitic and Javi García; and visitors Filip Vujovic, Jakub Prokop, Adrián Rosales and Chrysanthos Tsanaxidis (2).

INCIDENTS: Match corresponding to the seventh day of the Sacyr Asobal League, played at the Mayor Miguel Salas Municipal Pavilion.


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