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Niederrhein-Pokal: Tarnat debut at RWE mandatory victory | RevierSport

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Rot-Weiss Essen easily mastered the SF Neuwerk hurdle in the 2nd round in the Niederrhein Cup.

In the 2nd round in Lower Rhine Cup had to regional league Red and white food both SF Neuwerk compete. The game of the decade for the district league team. “Already in the first round we had hoped: If one of the big clubs, then RWE. I would say that this is the biggest competitive game, at least during my time on the board, ”explained Roger Neumann, who has been on the board since 2005 and has held the office of 1st chairman since 2016.

In the end it was 90 minutes in which the favorite was able to assert itself with ease. It was 7: 0 (3: 0) from the point of view of Essen, who rotated a lot compared to the 11: 0 victory in the league at KFC Uerdingen. Ten positions were exchanged, only Felix Herzenbruch played again. Also included: The defensive midfielder Niklas Tarnatwho was only signed on Wednesday lunchtime.

Not there were captain Dennis Grote, Daniel Davari, Luca Dürholtz and Felix Bastians, who were spared for the league duel on Saturday against SC Wiedenbrück. Nils Kaiser (game comes too early after injury), Michel Niemeyer (injured) and Sascha Voelcke (sick) were also not there.

Neuwerk: Kreuels (46th Aldenhoff) – Küppers, Sezgin, Scheulen (53rd Krüger), Haupts, Hermes, Herrmann, Jonas (68th judge), Strasbourg, Lingen (79th Jansen), Lennartz (51st Frühauf)

RWE: Golz – Langesberg, Heber (46th Kourouma), Herzenbruch – Sauerland, Tarnat, Zimmerling (59th Büyükarslan), Holzweiler – Krasniqi (30th Harenbrock / 59th Kefkir), Janjic, Heim

Tore: 0:1 Zimmerling (34th), 0:2 Janjic (36th), 0:3 Janjic (38th), 0:4 Heim (50th), 0:5 Büyükarslan (61st), 0:6 Kefkir ( 83.), 0:7 Büyük Arslan (87.)

Good for RWE: Chief of Defense Daniel Heber was there again after his illness. He saw how his team wanted to create clear relationships from the start. But after 30 minutes it was 0-0 despite good opportunities – and had to Erolind Krasniqi be substituted after a foul injured.

For him came Cedric Harenbrock, who prepared the 1-0 a few minutes after being substituted on. Harenbrock served Felix Heim, who crossed over to Guiliano Zimmerling. The 18-year-old only had to hold out his foot – 1-0 RWE. The spell was broken – two minutes later increased Zlatko Janjic to 2-0. Another two minutes later it was Janjic again who made it 3-0.

After the change it went exactly like this: Felix Heim scored after 50 minutes to make it 4-0. The U19 player who has just been substituted Oguzcan Buyukarslan scored the 5-0 after 61 minutes. Oguzhan Kefkir scored the 6-0 after 83 minutes, the 7-0 final score was reserved for Büyükarslan in minute 87.


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