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NFL: An NFL star disguises himself as death … and takes aim at his rivals!

by archysport

From the tombstones on the front door … To disguise himself as death. The last days of one of the great stars of the NFL, Myles Garrett, they have become terrifying in the best possible sense of the word. The defender of Cleveland Browns He continues to scare his rivals: now he dresses as death and writes down the names of his main rivals.

Garrett is one of the best defensive ends in the NFL. Be part of some Browns who have based their success on a solid defense in which pressure to quarterback rival, main job of Garrett, it’s key. Therefore, all the names of the rivals appear on the disguise. They are quarterbacks who have been sack. That is, he has tackled them and stopped their attack.

If a few weeks ago the decoration of your house pointing at quarterbacks on tombstones went viral, now it is a disguise. Something symbolic, but frightening seeing the qualities of a Garrett who is an elite in the NFL. So far, he has knocked down his rivals eight times and has made 27 tackles in the seven weeks of competition played.

Garrett he is a special player, and experiences special situations. Not only its character associated with this ‘Halloween spirit’, but other strange experiences also join. For example, he has had three doping controls so far this year. The three after playing sleeveless matches leaving their arms exposed. “Random test“, he affirmed between jokes.


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