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Neymar, the rage to win

by archysport

TO ANALYSE – Criticized in recent weeks, and rightly so, the 29-year-old Brazilian international responded on the ground on Friday, against Lille (2-1).

And in the end, it’s PSG that wins. Jostled for a good hour Friday, the Parisians finally had the last word against Lille (2-1), opening the 12th day of Ligue 1. Clumsy in front of goal, the Mastiffs can blame themselves. They had the opportunities to kill the game, they did not take them. Marquinhos and Angel Di Maria, they did not need to be asked to shake the nets of the Parc des Princes and write “these two goals that change history“Mark.”

Draft, then shiny

Two goals that owe a lot to a man who alone sums up the performance of Paris-SG, Neymar, at first messy and frustrating, then conqueror and brilliant. “It’s a very difficult game. We fought to the end, we scored two goals, it’s good for the team“Rejoiced the 29-year-old Brazilian international, author of the penultimate pass on the achievement of his captain and decisive passer for“ Fideo ”, man of the match on Friday night. A delivery all in touch and timing. And you had to see the rage in the eyes of the former Barcelonan to understand that this victory, he wanted it strong, very strong.

Before this finale in apotheosis, by playing simple and fair, quickly and well, “Ney” had nevertheless shone by his imprecision in the transmissions and the last gesture, struggling to make differences, getting angry at each whistle or absence of whistle and multiplying unnecessary touches. We also saw him lose a ball near his surface and put his team in danger by claiming a fault that existed only in his mind. Just like what we see him too often this season and which has earned him his share of criticism. To the chagrin of Mauricio Pochettino, who strives to find it “satisfactoryEven … when it is not, as at the Vélodrome de Marseille, last Sunday (0-0).

“He had a great match, with sacrifice, with desire. He was decisive. Its volume, its races to defend and it created situations. “


Leonardo is on the same line, saying “unfair»Negative comments about his compatriot. “He had a great match, with sacrifice, with envy. He was decisive. His volume, his runs to defend and he created situations“, Indicated the Parisian sports director, in representation after the meeting, recognizing all the same that Neymar crosses”a hard time». «If he’s partying as much as we say, we can’t have a match like that, he doesn’t run for 90 minutes, that’s not possible», Continued Leonardo, determined to rehabilitate his number 10. Let us give back to Caesar what belongs to him: we can not blame anything in terms of involvement and debauchery of energy to Neymar, who spares no effort and whose reaction to Angel Di Maria’s goal means a lot. For the rest, we will still wait to see him produce a high-level match on both sides of the field for 90 minutes. With 80 balls touched, two shots and five last assists before a shot from one of his teammates, 44% of his 25 duels won and four balls recovered, he however made a copy, in the end, quite clean.

«Reviews are normal. I’ve been playing football for 15 years… I’m used to it. I don’t care, that’s how it is. The most important criticism is mine. And the answer is for the team and on the pitch. We know what’s going on on and off the pitch, we know what we’re doing. I am calm», He indicated, at the microphone ofAmazon Prime Video. Captain courage on the meadow, Marquinhos provided after-sales service: “The critics ? He has always lived it. People focus on him, that’s normal, he’s a star, a player who can give a lot to the team, to the media, to everyone. We know that people will talk more about Neymar than about Marquinhos or another player. He also knows … The best answer is on the pitch, as he did. He doesn’t need to speak. He knows that we are always at his side to support him, that he must focus on his teammates, his work, his family.»

Neymar and the “Fantastic Four” outing in Leipzig?

Charge to Neymar to continue in this way on Wednesday, in Leipzig, during the fourth day of the Champions League. On this occasion, PSG may find Kylian Mbappé, package Friday, and Lionel Messi, replaced “as a precaution»At the break against Lille. Suspended for the first three matches of C1, Angel Di Maria will be there. To be seen, however, if Mauricio Pochettino will line up his aces in Germany, he who again had a hollow nose by opting for a three-way defense in the second period against Losc. Except that in the system, there is no place for the four offensive stars in the eleven … One thing is certain: this Neymar, that of the last half hour, does not deserve to pay the price. .


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