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Neymar bangs his fist on the table on his lifestyle!

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For the past few weeks, Neymar has been in the hard. The Brazilian striker of PSG can not chain the quality matches whether under the colors of Paris or those of Brazil. An intermittence that inevitably arouses criticism and inevitably, those on his lifestyle quickly return to the carpet.

In an interview with the Youtube show Fui Clear, Neymar nevertheless put things in a scathing way. “I speak of respect because people say: ‘Ah, Neymar does not take care of him, Neymar is this, Neymar is that’. How can you be 12 years old at the top without taking care of yourself? Nobody can understand that ”, attacks the Brazilian.

Neymar allows himself the right to decompress

Neymar then ensures that he has everything in place to take care of himself as much as possible. “I know how to take care of myself, I have a physiotherapist and a physical trainer with me for almost 24 hours, what for? Nothing ? », Loose Neymar who then assumes to find some moments of decompression. “I go out when I can. I go out when possible, when I know I won’t train the next day. I won’t stop doing anything. (…) What is the problem ? “You have to judge me for what I do in the field, there I allow you to speak, but what I do outside …”, concludes Neymar who assures us that at 30 years old, “maturity is coming”.

to summarize

Neymar, the Brazilian striker from PSG, spoke at length about the regular criticisms of his lifestyle. With a scathing crop. According to him, the controversies about his seriousness do not have to be because he knows how to make the share of things.

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