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New Black Belt and grade promotions in Ourense | Radio Ourense

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Five members of the Ourense Judo Club Marbel successfully passed their grade passing exams and Black belt in the modalities of Judo y Jiu Jitsu before the court authorized by the Galician Federation in Ourense, made up of the Masters, Manuel Montero, Felipe Iglesias and Ana Fernández Moráis. A call marked by the hygiene and safety regulations that mark the federative protocols with respect to capacity, distances and mandatory use of a mask.

In the mode of Judo, Antonio Fernández Díaz achieved the 3rd Dan, Luis Antonio Córdoba Moya and Rubén Córdoba Bermello (father and son) obtained the 2nd Dan, while Marina Boo Rodríguez promoted to Black Belt 1st Dan.

In the Jiu Jitsu modality, Pedro Gómez Pérez and sw nuevo, Rubén Córdoba, obtained the 2nd Dan of the modality.

The exams consisted of a demonstration of theoretical knowledge and an exhibition of individual technical movements (katas). A fundamental part of the success of the candidates was the help of their colleagues to perform the techniques. In Judo and Jiu Jitsu are called ´´ uke´´. Tamara Silva, Miguel Pardavila, Canolich Fernández, Emilio Pazos and Pepón Estévez. They fulfill one of the fundamental principles of Judo, the ´´jita Kyoei´´ (´´ helps and promutual sperity´´).

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