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NBA YoungBoy gets bail and house arrest

by archysport

Sitting behind bars at the St Martin Parish Correctional Center in Louisiana since March, YoungBoy NBA has found a way out. The 22-year-old artist was indeed locked up on charges of possession of unregistered firearms. After a successful defense of lawyers, the rapper from Baton Rouge was granted bail. According to them, YoungBoy could stay on the right track if he was allowed to be released and placed under house arrest. The young rapper would therefore be on his way to Utah to be under house arrest while awaiting trial.

According to reports, everything suggests that NBA YoungBoy is a free man pending trial. It was reported that the rapper had obtained a $ 1.5 million bond in his federal gun case in Louisiana. However, another legal problem stemming from an arrest in California would have deprived him of his immediate release. After posting bail in Louisiana, the rapper appeared in Los Angeles court on Tuesday. On this occasion, Never Broke Again would have obtained a bond in the case which incriminated it.

Media personality DJ Akademiks confirmed the news on Twitter. “NBA YoungBoy just got bail for their other firearms business in California. He will be released shortly, where he will immediately travel to Utah to serve house arrest pending trial in his federal case, ” Akademiks tweeted.

YoungBoy’s legal team previously asked the judge for parole. Thus, the lawyers were able to describe the strict conditions they would like to put in place. As Akademiks said, the rapper will be leaving his home state of Louisiana to remain under house arrest in Utah.

The judge therefore accepted the conditions under which he could build a home studio where he would be allowed to record his songs in confinement. The American rapper will also have law enforcement to ensure the security of the premises.

The question that one could ask is to know if the house arrest will be able to soften the rapper as claimed by his lawyers. The days to come will surely allow us to respond to this concern. In the meantime, we hope YoungBoy NBA manages to lay explosive pieces from his house like he did in prison.

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