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Nba results: Miami wins at home in Brooklyn

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Third defeat in 5 games for Nash’s team. The former Rockets guard appeared static and not very explosive. Adebayo makes the difference. Nash: “There is a lot to work on”

There is a lot of work to be done for Steve Nash and his Nets, considered by experts and bookmakers at the beginning of the season as the favorites in the title race. With his aggression and physicality Miami exposes all the current shortcomings of the New York team and in the end produces an applause performance at the Barclays Center, going on to win 106-93. Kyrie Irving is not Nash’s only worry, the Nets (2 won and 3 lost) in fact, once again show great problems with the rebound (62-42 for the Heat) and must register the poor condition of a static James Harden and not very explosive.


Miami for its part makes it clear that this year it can play its cards in the Eastern Conference with a cohesive group capable of producing a physical and concrete basketball. Adebayo and Butler seal the painted area, Lowry in directing is very solid and Tucker’s defense remains a guarantee. In addition, from the bench comes the production of a Herro that aims decisively for the sixth man of the year award this season and a surprising Dedmon. “I am very proud of the performance of my players – says a radiant Erik Spoelstra at the end of the match – It is gratifying to see the team play with this intensity”.

the match

The Florida team puts the Brooklyn defense in trouble in the opening minutes. Transition and offensive rebounds become the keys to Miami that takes control of operations as soon as a very active Herro enters the field. Durant’s plays and Harris’ triples keep Brooklyn in his wake, which then accelerates in the second quarter with Harden’s lightning bolt. The former Rockets scores 11 consecutive points and gives the impression of being able to return to dominate on the court as in last season. The Harden Show, however, is decidedly short, the Nets arrive at the break ahead (51-49) but at the beginning of the second half Miami returns master of the challenge. Adebayo starts to make a big voice under the basket, the Heat dominate the rebound and undermine the defense of KD and his teammates. A 14-0 break puts Brooklyn upside down. The New York team tries to respond in the final stage but every time it tries to get closer to Miami it finds the right countermeasures. Dedmon signs important baskets, Butler and Adebayo are a guarantee and in the final the team of coach Spoelstra stretches, then closing the accounts with Tucker’s triple at 1’34 ” from the siren that gives the Heat +15.


“We have a lot of work to do, we know – emphasizes Steve Nash – obviously we conceded too many offensive rebounds and we didn’t defend well in transition, but on a defensive level I also saw good things. In attack, on the other hand, we didn’t get the ball rolling as we should have, settling too often for one-on-one ”.

Brooklyn: Durant 25 (7/14, 2/4, 5/6 tl), Harris 15, Harden 14. Rebounds: Durant 11. Assist: Harden 7.

Miami: Adebayo 24 (8/17, 8/9 tl), Butler 17, Tucker 15. Rimbalzi: Butler 14. Assist: Lowry 9.


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