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NBA: Enes Kanter, at war with China: invites LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Nike “to his slave camps”

by archysport

One’s Edges, Turkish pvot of the Boston Celtics, has never minced the tongue when talking about his political position and regularly lives with controversy. First with the president of his country, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to which he has been opposed since his arrival to the government and for which he claims to be threatened. And now he has shown his disagreement with the Chinese regime.

Kanter has already criticized the government of the Asian country and took a position in defense of the independence of the Tibetan region. A position that has meant that the parties of the Boston franchise has been banned in China with the hard economic blow that that can suppose for the coffers of the NBA and the team of Massachusetts.

Now Kanter has gone one step further. The Turk wore sneakers in the last game of the franchise that read words like “slavery”, “no more excuses” or “hypocritical Nike”. Messages that made reference to the factories of the Oregn multinational in the Asian country.

Kanter accompanied the image of his sneakers with a video in which he explained the message he wanted to convey: “Nike keeps talking about injustice, but when it comes to China, Nike is silent. He doesn’t address police brutality in China, he doesn’t talk about discrimination against the LGBT community, he doesn’t say a word about minority oppression in China, he’s afraid to speak up. “

The Turk accused the multinational for the way they manufacture their garments in China: “Who makes your slippers in China? Do they know? There are many forced labor factories in China. It’s modern slavery. There are millions of people who are detained, sold and assigned to work in forced labor camps like prisons in factories all over the country. “

Kanter also had words for the owner of Nike, Phil Knight, and for two of the best known faces that are the image of the brand: LeBron James and Michael Jordan: “How do you see, Phil Knight, that we book a flight to China and go together? We can try to visit these slave camps and you see them with your own eyes. LeBron James, Michael Jordan, you are welcome to join us. ”


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