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Murray on his clear improvement since the US Open

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A new resurgence, one more, in the career of Andy Murray. The Scotsman is going like an ant, step by step, tournament by tournament, gaining confidence and improving his sensations on the court in order to be as close as possible to his best version, the one that led him to be number one in the world and win three Grand Slams. This next week he will compete in One, where he will have a new opportunity to show his state of form and continue to progress in his tennis recovery.

Clear improvement since Wimbledon

“Everything is going better. From the grass season to the US Open, I have been playing better. I played at a better level at the US Open and since then, I have been showing constant improvement every week. Everything has not been perfect, but in many of those games I have finished my chances, something that did not happen during the grass tour and in some matches leading up to the US Open. And I have had some more than notable victories against notable players in really tough matches. “

Surprising return once again after surgeries

“It’s been amazing that I’ve been able to come back and be playing. Some of the results I’ve had have been followed by people saying, ‘Oh, he doesn’t have enough level to beat the best or he should do better.’ But The reality is, I shouldn’t have to do any better considering who I am right now and everything I’ve been through. I don’t think there are many who can compete against the top five players with a metal hip. I’m proud of myself for being able to compete against the best. Although, definitely, I have to win those kinds of games against those guys if I ever want to get anywhere near the level that I had a long time ago. “

Be more decisive in the important moments

“I need to be more cold and relentless when opportunities present themselves. That was one of the things that were part of my strengths in my game when I was at the top and that I need them to come back. Close the sets when I’m ahead and not wait. that there are more opportunities because against the great players you will not have many “.


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