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Mourinho’s behavior after climbing the fence, hanging outside the stadium

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There’s just the behavior of Jose Mourinho. After the viral climbing of the fence for being sent off after being sent off, he continued eating outside the stadium.

Last weekend, Sunday (24/10) night WIB, when AS Roma vs Napoli, left a story of Jose Mourinho’s action that went viral for climbing the fence!

In that match, the AS Roma coach often protested to the referee. Until finally, Mourinho was rewarded with two yellow cards, the peak was in the 81st minute.

After being sent off by the referee, Jose Mourinho did not give up on giving instructions. As soon as walking out of bench, Mourinho climbs the guardrail and shouts instructions!

The moment went viral on social media, and was even uploaded by Mourinho himself. Along with the caption, ‘When you don’t have tickets and you really want to watch a great football game’.

In the next AS Roma match away to Cagliari on Thursday (28/10) WIB, Jose Mourinho is back in action.

Mourinho was banned from entering the pitch and dressing room due to a red card. Mourinho, can only give instructions from afar, from the stands during the game.

After the match, Mourinho again posted his actions on his personal Instagram. Mourinho is having fun eating outside the stadium!

Accompanied by the caption, ‘Game over… 3 points… Good food (can’t go to the locker room)’. Meanwhile, Mourinho mentioned the name of a young Roma player, Felix Ohene Afena-Gyan.

Jose Mourinho has oftenupload his behavior via his personal Instagram. Some range from jokes to sweet memories.

Mourinho himself is considered to want to suppress the news that spread, about him making the AS Roma players uncomfortable. Past postingOn his social media, it seems that Mourinho wants to show that the condition of the Capital Wolf is fine.

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