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MMA fight in Poland causes a stir

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In Poland, a controversial MMA fight between Piotr Lisowski and Ule Siekacz took place on Friday evening, which ended with a defeat for the Polish fighter. This was announced by the Interiasport portal.

The fight found as part of the “MMA-VIP 3” event and was referred to as a “freakshow”. Lisowski dealt the decisive knockout blow to his opponent in the second round. Previously, he threw his judo-style opponent to the ground and hit her. The referee declared Lisowski the winner by knockout

As part of the tournament there was another fight between men and women, which also caused a lot of criticism.

“Two fights between the sexes at once. Simply disgusting “; wrote a viewer on Twitter.

Mixed Martial Arts (Eng. “Mixed Martial Arts”) is a full contact martial arts. These types of tournaments became popular in the early 1990s. The fighters use techniques from different martial arts – kicking, hitting, clinching, throwing and ground fighting are allowed in full contact sport.

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