Miguel Herrera and Carioca argued ‘because of Leo Fernández

Jessika Méndez

University Stadium, San Nicolás / 03.10.2021 22:53:06

Tigres could not score against Necaxa, despite the fact that he had several scoring opportunities to do so during the match at the Volcán, the last of which was a free kick in stoppage time, where Miguel Herrera sent an instruction through Rafael Carioca and Leo Fernández did not comply with it.

At the end of the game after the tie, Piojo was seen arguing with Carioca, so Mediotiempo asked Herrera what they were talking about when they walked to the locker room.

The helmsman was sincere, assured that you do not have to see things that are notThey were simply arguing because an instruction he sent was not followed.

This was because Leo Fernández shot at goal, when asked to center; the worst thing was that his shot was well over the goal and one play was wasted, the last one.

“I don’t think you have to see Moors with tranchetes, there are no good or bad things here, we went out arguing in one play of a center that instead of kicking on goal, I told him why didn’t he tell Leo to shoot a cross instead of kicking on goal, and he said ‘I did tell him’, but he decided to kick on goal “.

Nothing with Carioca, Leo’s shot was very far, we had the possibility of a center to see if we could connect the ball “, revealed the technician of the felines.

So too, Herrera defended that the boos had not only been for Carlos González, but in general for the whole team due to the failures in the goal and lack of goal in the Volcano.

“Boos for everyone, I understand that when the striker fails a play, people get upset; but in the end the boo is for everyone, because they don’t go home happy, we can’t put it in and people get upset. The team tried, but the local goal is not falling … a little bit of bad luck, they are circumstances, “he said.

Guede was happy

Although Necaxa failed to win at the Volcano, his ttechnical Pablo Guede He was happy to have won a point at home to Tigres.

“I think we played a good game, I think we were able to take advantage of a little more what we attacked, we did better in the second than in the first, this is a complicated field with great players that I think the tie is not bad with the little time that we have“, he indicated.




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