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Micah Parsons wants to collaborate much more with the team

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There’s no question that Micah Parsons is clearly looming as the NFL’s defensive rookie of the year for this season. His great performances, whether as a linebacker or defensive end, are giving him great credit for that recognition. The organization is totally happy with their first-round selection this year. However, the player feels that despite his great production, he could do even much more.

Parsons has been standing out for the sheer number of defensive snaps he’s taking in just his first year. In the last three weeks, he has been participating in 97%, 93%, and 100% of snaps respectively. Against the Panthers, Giants and Patriots, Micah has 17 combined tackles and a quarterback sack.

In what has been considered the toughest game of this season for the Cowboys, Parsons had his first game where he participated in all defensive plays. Mind you, he only finished with five combined tackles, and unlike other games, he really didn’t look that decisive at Gillette Stadium. Of course, that does not detract from his merit, since he was working as an internal and external linebacker. Position changes were totally dependent on the different systems in the Patriots offense.

During the press conference after the victory, Parsons was seen a bit bitter, and that was noticeable at the time of giving his statements. It had nothing to do with the Cowboys continuing to win, it had to do with their personal performance. Parsons has the peculiarity that he always wants to play and wants to help the team. And he just felt like Sunday afternoon didn’t do enough.

“I’m definitely mad at myself,” Parsons said. “I want to play better, I want to make better and more impactful plays throughout the game. It just is what it is, some days you will be active, and other days not so much. I’m not going to say that I had a bad game, but there are some things that I want to fix and that I know I can do better ”.

With these statements, the theory that Parsons is insatiable and wants to collaborate as much as possible is further reinforced. This is something that not only motivates him as a player, but the rest of the defensive body. In a season where elements like Randy Gregory, Osa Odighizuwa and Trevon Diggs are doing their job very well, it’s really nice to see that Micah wants to be a part of it. Things are just working out sublime for the western defense. And a lot of that good performance is thanks to the arrival of Dan Quinn.

“I think he wants to make a big impact on the game,” defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said. “We talked about that earlier, there are things that just cannot be forced. And when the plays come, you have to be able to respond, they will eventually come ”.

These statements by Quinn make a lot of sense, especially given the handling of the game that Parsons has. He can push the quarterbacks from the edges, as well as from guard position and even from the center of the opposing offensive line. In addition, he knows how to cover tight ends and running backs very well.

Amid what Trevon Diggs ‘sophomore year professional records may represent, Parsons’ numbers cannot be left out. So far, he is the first on the team in hitting the quarterback with 10. Along with that, he is second in sacks with 2.5 as well as in tackles with loss of yards with three. Last but not least, he is third in the organization in tackles combined with thirty.

It’s pretty clear that Dan Quinn is fully counting on the rookie, otherwise he wouldn’t let him go in every snaps of the season’s toughest game. Now it remains to be seen what he can offer after the bye week. In the game that the Cowboys will have on the road against the Vikings on October 31. Certainly, it is not on the horizon that Micah will lower the level, his numbers and performance will continue to rise.

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