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Marta Calleja and Marta Molina stand out as two-time champions in the Absolute TTR of Huelva – Andalusian Badminton Federation

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Today the province of Huelva has experienced a great day of badminton with the dispute of the Absolute Andalusia Trophy in which it is worth highlighting the role of the two CB Rinconada players, Marta Calleja and Marta Molina, who took two from Huelva gold medals each. Also noteworthy is the performance of both CB IES La Orden and CB Rinconada, getting several of their players on the podium.

Manuel Calero manages to hang the gold in the IM

The CAETD from Extremadura managed to become champion after beating Huelva’s Rubén Amador in the first game by 21-18, after which the player from La Orden could not continue due to injury and was forced to retire.

Calero advanced to the final draw after winning all their group stage matches without a hitch. By standing in the semifinals, he was forced to play up to three sets against José Ignacio Infante (Colombino), in a clash that did not have any tight set (14-21 / 21-12 / 21-8). On the other side of the box, Rubén Amador gave the surprise by beating the main seed in two sets, the corner player Alejandro Ramírez (21-19 / 21-13). And in the final Calero was proclaimed champion after Amador had to retire.

Marta Calleja shines at the IF

The Rinconada rider took the gold proving intractable after defeating both the third classified, Claudia Carrero (Colombino), on the fast track (21-7 / 21-11), and the second classified, Alba Padilla (La Order), in the same way (21-13 / 21-7). In the Huelva derby, Padilla beat Carrero in two sets (21-11 / 21-12).

The Cumbreras brothers triumph in the DM

The men’s doubles modality left the pair of La Orden made up of Iván and Juan Carlos Cumbreras as champions after they defeated in groups both the Huelva duo made up of Adrián Márquez and Bernabé Padilla (21-15 / 21-17) and the Rinconada couple formed by David Araque and Pedro Román (21-10 / 21-12).

With these victories, they exchanged their ticket to the final, where they faced another corner couple, the one made up of Sergio Molina and Adrián Delgado, who reached the last phase after overcoming both the Huelva tandem made up of Juan Díaz and Pablo Gálvez in groups ( 21-4 / 21-9) as well as the couple from Isla Cristina made up of Sergio Galván and Luis Rodríguez (21-10 / 21-10).

In the final clash, the Cumbreras brothers defeated Molina and Delgado in two rounds (21-8 / 21-14), thus proclaiming themselves champions of the modality.

Marta Calleja and Marta Molina do not give options in Mexico City

The corner couple managed to get into the final, where they faced the pair of La Orden and Puente Genil made up of María Díaz and Marta Rodríguez. The Sevillanas did not trust each other and got rid of their rivals in two quick sets (21-12 / 21-11). This gold produced that Marta Calleja was proclaimed two-time champion in this Andalusia Trophy.

Alejandro Ramírez and Marta Molina manage to climb to the top in the DX

The CB Rinconada couple got the ticket to the final after passing as the first of the groups, beating Infante / Padilla (Colombino / La Orden) in three sets and Acosta / Carrero (Colombino) in two games. While on the other hand Adrián Márquez and Belén Rodríguez did the same, defeating their teammates Rubén Amador and María Díaz in two rounds.

In the final duel for the gold, the Sevillians began by taking the lead and won the first set in a tight way (21-19), a result that the Huelva equalized in the second set (21-16). With everything to be decided, in the last round the balance ended up on the side of Ramírez and Molina, who closed the match with a level 21-15, thus getting to be proclaimed champions, and giving the second gold to Marta Molina.

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