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Luo Jianyou successfully advanced to the top 16 of the French Badminton Open | Morning Post

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(Morning Post News) The French Badminton Open (Super 750 Series) ended today (October 27). China’s Luo Jianyou met a strong opponent on the first lap of men’s singles, but eventually defeated Malaysia 2-0. The number one player, Li Zijia, successfully advanced to the next lap.

The scores of the two games were 24 to 22 and 21 to 14, and the game took 39 minutes.

Li Zijia, 23, is ranked eighth in the world, and 24-year-old Luo Jianyou is ranked 40th. This is the first time that Luo Jianyou has defeated Li Zijia in his career. The two have met twice before, and Luo Jianyou has lost both.

In the first game, Luo Jianyou grabbed the game points twice, but both were stubbornly equalized by Li Zijia and overtaken. When the score came to 21 to 22, Luo Jianyou, who was behind, sent two wonderful smashes to regain the initiative. Later, Li Zijia made a mistake in catching the ball, and Luo Jianyou won a thrilling 24 to 22 win.

In the second game, Li Zijia’s state dropped significantly and was always at a disadvantage. Luo Jianyou used the opponent’s mistakes and continuous smashes to score consecutive points and finally won the game 21-14.

In the women’s singles match last night, China’s 22-year-old female player Yang Jiamin took 33 minutes to beat Belgian player Tan Lianni 21-16, 21-9 and successfully advanced to the second lap.

In an interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Yang Jiamin said that the opponent has always wanted to attack in this game, and she just wants to control the rhythm of the game. She said: “Through continuous mobilization, I try to increase the difficulty of the opponent as much as possible. I am very happy to be able to return to the international arena again and win the game.”

Yang Jiamin will meet 22-year-old Indonesian player Malska in the round of 16.

The French Badminton Open will be held in Paris from the 26th to the 31st of this month.


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