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Lucas Hernandez will not go to prison, his appeal accepted by the Spanish justice

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Lucas Hernandez will not go to prison, his appeal has been accepted by the Spanish courts. The French international, to whom the justice had ordered to go of his own accord to prison on Spanish soil, will not ultimately be worried.

In this file, there are two deals in one for the 2018 world champion. It all starts on February 3, 2017. Still unknown to the general public and never selected in blue, the 21-year-old defender of Atlético de Madrid is surprised on the public road in Madrid fighting with his partner, Amelia Lorente, in front of their home. According to the report, she hits him, claws him, and scratches his car with a key, while the player punches him in the ribs, back, jaw and lips.

Guilty honeymoon

At the end of the month, the couple are sentenced to 31 days of community service (TIG) with a six-month ban on approaching within 500m of each other and communicating. This removal procedure, the player did not respect. This is what got him his troubles with the Spanish justice system. The police arrested the footballer and his wife in June 2017 at Madrid airport after returning from their honeymoon in the United States. Hernandez will be taken into custody and sentenced to six months in prison, not his wife, because the measure had not been notified to him in due form.

Now a Bayern Munich player, the defender saw his case rebound this fall, thanks to the rejection by the Spanish courts of his appeal request. Which then made his incarceration credible. Last Monday, he went to Madrid on his own a day in advance of the summons relating to his imprisonment order, while directly requesting his suspension. An appeal therefore accepted on Tuesday.

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