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Lucas Hernandez will not go to jail!

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It’s a sigh of relief for Lucas Hernandez! While he went to the Superior Court of Justice in Madrid last week after being summoned and asked “to enter prison voluntarily within ten days”, the tricolor international will not ultimately be imprisoned.

Indeed, the six-month sentence was suspended. As a reminder, this will of the Spanish justice resulted from a non-compliance with a removal measure between the 2018 World Champion and his companion, Amelia Lorente, who had both been found guilty of domestic violence in 2017. In in addition to having been sentenced to 31 days of community service, the couple were prohibited from approaching within 500 meters of each other and from communicating. Nevertheless, after the reconciliation, the two lovebirds were finally married.

Thus, in conclusion, the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid declared: “We consider that the appeal must be accepted and that the execution of the sentence of deprivation of liberty imposed on Lucas François Bernard Hernandez must be suspended”. As a reminder, this Wednesday is equivalent to the eve of the deadline set by the courts for the voluntary entry into prison of the player.

to summarize

While threatened with a prison sentence by the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid, Lucas Hernandez will ultimately not be imprisoned. His appeal has been accepted and the player will not go through the prison space.

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