Home football Luc Nilis converts with SV Belisia at AA Gent: “Like Bruges against City, the boys have to enjoy” | Belgian Cup

Luc Nilis converts with SV Belisia at AA Gent: “Like Bruges against City, the boys have to enjoy” | Belgian Cup

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AA Gent is the number 9 in 1A, SV Belisia the number 6 in 2 National VVB. SV Belisia is the amalgamation of the Bilzen clubs Bilzen, Waltwilder and Spouwen-Mopertingen.

That latter squad was close to stunting in the 1/16th finals in 2015. At Anderlecht, the fourth division team was still 1-1 in minute 88. Only then did Anderlecht make the difference.

Sporza went to the last amateur training session last night and spoke with Nilis. He is ready for his first job as head coach in Belisia: “The people here really wanted me. If I didn’t take it now, that chance might not come,” explained the ex-striker trainer and T2 of several Dutch and Turkish clubs. from. “I had never really had the chance to start as T1 anywhere.”

“I’m happy to be here. It’s a great new club due to the merger with a lot of enthusiasm. There are good people at the top here at the helm.”

Nilis works with amateurs, while he himself has always been a professional: “I don’t have to get used to that. When you’re on the field, you don’t think about it. You try to do the exercises that the boys like and do well and according to their qualities. You have to get the most out of that.”

He doesn’t set the bar too high: “It doesn’t make sense. You have to give them the tactical details that help them. You shouldn’t fill their heads.”

On to tonight’s game. What does this move to AA Gent mean? “For the club, the players and everyone who has anything to do with the club, this is a fantastic poster. For the boys it is a dream to be able to play in such an arena. It will be a day to enjoy. “

Does he hope to get something out of it? “I don’t think we should be naive, but realistic,” was the telltale reply. You are talking about 4 grades higher. I think back to the Club Brugge-Manchester City match. Bruges was at its peak and when you saw City play. Imagine that Gent is City and we are Bruges. I don’t have to draw a picture.”

“It’s up to the boys to enjoy it to the fullest and give the maximum. And then we’ll see what the result is.”

Nilis wants to see his team play football as a very compact block, so that little space is given away. “We also try to do that in the competition. And in the switch you try to score a goal on the other side.”

“We do score difficult, we don’t really have a killer who can make the difference. We knew that before the season. So we shouldn’t complain about that.” Didn’t he polish his shoes? “That’s not going to happen,” Nilis laughed.

“I saw Ghent on Genk on Sunday, then it was a dime. In the first half there was a wonderful Bolat, who kept Ghent straight. But in the second half they were very dominant and they deservedly won.”

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