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Lomažs scores 18 points, but Yukatel Merkezefend suffers a loss

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Richards Lomazs | Photo: Denizli “Yukatel Merkezefend”


Latvian basketball player Rihards Lomažs scored 18 points in the match of the Turkish top league on Saturday, with Denizli’s “Yukatel Merkezefend” team losing in Istanbul. The Denizli team gave way to Istanbul’s Besiktas unit with 62:74 (8: 8, 24:25, 8:22, 22:19).

Lomažs with 18 points became the most productive player in his team. He played for 29 minutes and 42 seconds, broadcasting one of three two-point shots, three of nine long shots and seven of eight penalty shots in the basket. He also defeated five rebounds, played once, scored four times, provoked his opponents three times and scored an efficiency factor of 11.

Egehans Arna alone was more productive than Lomaža on Saturday in Istanbul with 19 points. The Denizli team has won two of the six games played and is ranked eighth in the tournament table. Lomažs moved to the Turkish championship after months of successful last season in the German Bundesliga.

Adriatic League

Latvian basketball player Rodions Kurucs scored ten points in the Adriatic League game on Saturday, helping the Serbian club “Partizan” in Belgrade to win the away game. With 86:68 (19:10, 25:21, 30:20, 12:17), the Partizan outperformed another Serbian unit, the Cacak Borac.

Kurucs played for 16 minutes and 42 seconds, during which three out of five two-point shots, one of six long shots and the only free throw were taken in the basket. Cēsis also won two rebounds, one assists, two intercepted balls, three errors, one provoked note, a +/- score of +1 and an efficiency factor of six.

Zeks Līdejs was the winner with 14 points, but Sava Lešičs scored 14 points for the opponents. “Partizan” has won all six games of the Adriatic League. Kuruc signed a two-year deal with Partizan this summer with the proviso that he would be able to return to play in North America if he received an offer from a National Basketball Association (NBA) team.

Turkey, women

Latvian basketball player Elīna Babkina scored 14 points in the Turkish championship game in Ankara “Cankaya Universitesi” on Saturday, while Anete Šteinberga scored 12 points in the duel of two big clubs in Istanbul. At the Cankaya Universitesi in Ankara, Mersin’s Yenišehir Belediyesi gave up at 66:92 (22:25, 15:34, 16:21, 13:12).

Babkina was the second most productive player on the Ankara team, scoring 14 points in 33 minutes and 39 seconds on the court, taking two of five two-pointers and two of eight three-point shots, as well as all four free throws. She also won four rebounds and returned six assists, as well as made six mistakes and violated the rules once. The most productive player of the Ankara team with 29 points was Alexis Prince. Kristīne Anigva stood out in the winning team with “double-double”, scoring 18 points and winning 11 rebounds.

Steinberg’s Istanbul “Galatasaray” away game with a result of 56:74 (17:18, 11:22, 17:14, 11:20) gave way to Istanbul’s “Fenerbache”. Steinberg Square had 36 minutes and 16 seconds, during which he scored 12 points in two of the six two-point shots, two of the five long shots and two free throws. She also won seven rebounds, made two mistakes, blocked one opponent’s throw and collected four personal notes. Rikuna Williams was the most productive in the Galatasaray team with 18 points and five assists. In the home team, Alīna Jagupova stood out with 19 points, nine rebounds and six assists.

In another game, Aija Jurjāne’s Ankara “Botas” lost to the team “Antalya 07” with the result 65:75 (19:28, 14:15, 15:18, 17:14). The Latvian basketball player scored 11 points in 28 minutes and 27 seconds and scored nine rebounds. Jurjāne made six inaccurate two-point shots and three inaccurate long shots, but took 11 of 12 free throws. She also blocked two opponent shots and earned two personal notes.

In the “Botash” team, the most productive was Jasmine Davis, who scored 17 points and returned three productive passes. Luka Ivankoviča stood out in the winning team with 27 points and 12 rebounds, accumulating “double-double”. 14 teams are participating in the Turkish championship this season, four of which also represent Latvian players.

Spain, women

Latvian basketball player Paula Strautmane scored 11 points in the Spanish championship game in favor of the Cadi La Seu team on Saturday, but the team suffered a loss in Bembivre. At 54:60 (18: 7, 14:15, 10:17, 12:21), Cadi La Seu conceded to Bembivre’s Embutidos Pajariel team for the second time in a row.

Strautmane became the second most productive player in the team, playing 24 minutes, during which he made the only two-point shot and three of the nine long shots. The Latvian basketball player also won three rebounds, caught the ball once, made two mistakes, broke the rules four times, got an efficiency ratio of three and a +/- score of +2.

Itari Ečarri was the team’s top scorer with 18 points and ten rebounds. The Laseva Durgelia Club ranks second in a 16-team competition with five successes in seven games. Last season, Strautmane represented the Hungarian club Pecs “Pecs”, but Pilābere played for the Latvian team “TTT Rīga”.

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