Home football LIVE: Jäkel with the connecting goal, does Ostend still get 0-3 behind? | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

LIVE: Jäkel with the connecting goal, does Ostend still get 0-3 behind? | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

by archysport

  1. 41′ – Yellow – Sheldon Bateau
  2. 37′ – Doelpunt – Kerim Mrabti (0 – 2)
  3. 26′ – Goal – Hugo Cuypers (0 – 1)
  4. 6 ‘- Yellow – Alfons Amade
  1. 89′ – Goal – Geoffry Hairemans (2 – 4)
  2. 85′ – Yellow – Makhtar Gueye
  3. 81 ‘- Goal – Frederik Jäkel (2 – 3)
  4. 79′ – Verv. Kerim Mrabti door Iebe Swers
  5. 78′ – Cont. Hugo Cuypers by Ferdy Druijf
  6. 72 ‘- Yellow – Samuel Oum Gouet
  7. 70 ‘- Verv. Nikola Storm door Geoffry Hairemans
  8. 69′ – Yellow – Nick Batzner
  9. 62′ – Cont. Anton Tanghe by Robbie D’Haese
  10. 56′ – Goal – Makhtar Gueye (1 – 3)
  11. 51 ‘- Verv. Maxime D’Arpino door Vincent Koziello
  12. 50′ – Doelpunt – Kerim Mrabti (0 – 3)

After the cup intermezzo, competition football is on the program again this weekend. KV Oostende and KV Mechelen are the first to start. Follow the match live tonight on this page and in Sporza on Radio 1.

  1. second half, minute 89. Match played. The nervousness was not necessary at all! Hairemans once again escaped the KVO defense after some great work by Schoofs and puts the ball in the square: 2-4. Ostend has fought bravely, but is ready for the effort. .
  2. Goal during the second half, minute 89 by Geoffry Hairemans of KV Mechelen. 2, 4.
  3. second half, minute 87. Red for Vanderbiest. Assistant coach Fred Vanderbiest is immediately shown red by referee Dierick and has to go to the stands. It is not clear what the ex-coach of Ostend has said. Malinwa is getting nervous. .
  4. second half, minute 85. Gueye yellow. Bijker gets the error, much to Gueye’s anger. Dierick doesn’t accept his outburst of anger and immediately draws a yellow card. .
  5. Yellow card for Makhtar Gueye of KV Oostende during the second half, minute 85
  6. second half, minute 83. Hairemans lets it go. Hairemans is too fast for the defense of Ostend after a good pass from Druijf, but he does not get past Hubert who has come out. There is still time for an equaliser. .
  7. second half, minute 81. 2-3! Unbelieveable! The pace seemed to slow down a bit, but then suddenly the connecting goal came. Rocha makes an excellent cross and Jäkel heads in hard: 2-3. What’s in it for KVO? .
  8. Goal during the second half, minute 81 by Frederik Jäkel of KV Oostende. 2, 3.
  9. second half, minute 79. Substitution at KV Mechelen, Iebe Swers in, Kerim Mrabti out
  10. second half, minute 78. Substitution at KV Mechelen, Ferdy Druijf in, Hugo Cuypers out
  11. second half, minute 78. Personnel changes . At KV Mechelen they want to break the pace for a while. Cuypers and Mrabti go out for Druijf and Swers. .
  12. second half, minute 77. This second half shows once again how crucial Gueye is for this KV Oostende. Every dangerous attack often starts and ends with the Senegalese. .
  13. second half, minute 73. Gueye just missed. Watch out for Malinwa! Kvasina heads the ball well towards the goal and Gueye can almost take advantage at the far post. Another quarter of an hour. .
  14. Yellow card for Samuel Oum Gouet of KV Mechelen during the second half, minute 72
  15. second half, minute 72. The match has become a bit more bitter. This time Oum Gouet arrives too late for Rocha, Dierick has to get his cards out again. .
  16. second half, minute 70. Substitution at KV Mechelen, Geoffry Hairemans in, Nikola Storm out
  17. Yellow card for Nick Batzner of KV Oostende during the second half, minute 69
  18. second half, minute 69. Exit Storm. With 2 assists in his pocket, Storm leaves the field, Hairemans undoubtedly has to provide some more power and ball stability. .
  19. second half, minute 68. Bätzner came in very energetically, but this time the young German crosses the line. He is too late and kicks Vinicius Souza down. .

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