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Lillard draws a scathing punchline on his failed start to the season

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Clearly below his usual level of performance, Damian Lillard has surprised Blazers fans since the resumption. Annoyed to see the critics fall on him, the star point guard of the Blazers spoke up, with a big message to his haters!

International summer competitions can have a very different effect depending on the players involved. Some will find confidence there, and reap the rewards once the season has started with their team. Others, on the other hand, will live more difficult hours with their selection, and continue this pale dynamic in the club. Damian Lillard could well fit into this second category.

Member of the Team USA roster sent to Tokyo for the Olympic Games, the Portland leader did not really shine there. Lacking skill in the competition (38.3% shooting, 34.8% at 3 points), he concluded the latter with timid averages of 11.2 points and 3.2 assists per game. It turns out that his statistics with the Blazers are hardly more cheerful over the first 4 games of the new NBA campaign.

Damian Lillard rebels against criticism

So far, Dame runs at 17.8 points and 8.0 assists per game, but still has a deplorable skill (33.3% shooting, 17.1% away). At the time of putting forward the reasons for this big misshapen, he didn’t convince many observers with his wobbly answer. His last release was nevertheless much more punchy, with a direct message sent to his detractors!

What do the previous 9 seasons say about the 4 games?

In other words, Lillard refuses to see any conclusions drawn about his level after 4 small games, and instead recommends relying on his first 9 years in the league to judge him. Some Internet users still find a way to continue their lynching with this method.

Let’s see, you got off to a good start on your resume with a title of ROY and a selection in the All-Rookie First Team, but since then all you’ve done is grow a beard.

Frustrated by the growing number of comments about his start to the season, Damian Lillard ended up unhinging. At home, no room for hasty conclusions!

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