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Liga BetPlay teams seeking their place in the final home runs | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

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The BetPlay Dimayor League is reaching the final stretch of the round-robin phase, the quotas to qualify for the final home runs are becoming scarce. Some already have their minds on what the auction will be, but with an eye on the end of the year party, while those who still dream of qualifying begin to make calculations of what they need to advance to the round.

There are only two classifieds, Nacional and Millonarios have already secured their place in the home runs, the competition in them will be to be seeded. On the list are Tolima and Pereira, with 28 units, only a bad streak and other results would leave them out of the classifieds, but they have more than one foot ready in the December finals.

The date 17 can begin to decide the options of each of the applicants, leaving more teams with the guaranteed quota. In addition, starting to configure the magic number to access the eight classifieds, taking into account the maximum number of points that can be achieved by those outside the eight and with options to enter.

The provisional batch of eight is complemented by Envigado (26 pts), Alianza Petrolera (25 pts), Junior (25 pts) and Deportivo Cali (24 pts). Those four places would be the ones that are still pending, because the results they get from now on, will also depend a lot on the direct duels they have with those who come back.

In the case of EnvigadoThey will have only Bucaramanga as their direct rival, the other three rivals (Once Caldas, Águilas Doradas and Huila) are out and without options. For Petroleum Alliance The outlook is more complicated, they will have two rivals who are fighting for the home run quota (América on date 17 and Junior on the last day) but with Millonarios, second in the table in El Campín, in addition to having Huila in the matchday 18.

Junior He comes from giving up points at home against Quindío, leaving him with chances of accessing the classifieds. They will receive Pasto on Monday, November 1. Then they must visit Santa Fe, which is ninth and is two points from the sharks, in El Campín. Equidad and Alianza Petrolera will be part of the auction on days 19 and 20.

Al Cali It will not be easy either, since he will have Huila as judge on date 17, then there are two direct duels, Quindío and Jaguares, who have options. The end of the all against all will be against Once Caldas.

Santa Fe (23 pts), América (22 pts), Jaguares (22 pts), Bucaramanga (22 pts), Quindío (21 pts) and Medellín (20 pts) are those who are outside, but they dream of getting into the fight. There are several crossovers here that can put multiple teams out of options.

Case of Santa Fe against Quindío and Junior, in the next two days, but will have options to ratify with two eliminated Once Caldas and Águilas Doradas. Cali America It will be played for closing the gap, with 22 units it will face Alianza Petrolera on Sunday, which has 25 units. Then Equidad and Pasto will follow, to finish off with Pereira, who if he does not qualify for matchday 20, will be another crucial duel.

Jaguars is another who does not have it easy, three difficult duels are coming. Nacional, Pereira and Cali, where he will depend a lot on himself and what he does in those three duels to reach the auction against Patriotas alive.

Bucaramanga He will also have to overcome rivals who can leave him without chances in the final days. Envigado, which is in the lot of eight, Nacional in the Atanasio and will receive Tolima. It will close against Equity.

The priorities of the Quindío They are not descending, but they know that they will only achieve it by winning. If they do, they will also have a chance to qualify for home runs. Santa Fe and Cali will be crucial for their aspirations, then a vital one in the fight of the category against Patriotas, to close by visiting Tolima.

Medellin You only have one option, win or win, a draw would compromise everything, defeat on any of the four remaining dates will send you to an early vacation. Pereira will be his judge at the Atanasio, then he will visit Patriotas. The penultimate day will have a classic against Nacional, closing in his visit to Pasto on date 20.

The accounts of Golden Eagles they are of miracles, four triumphs would leave him with 29 units. Obligation to beat Tolima, Pasto, Envigado and Santa Fe, with an eye on all the days, in each of the games of those who are above the nest.


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