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Leioa lets two points escape in added time

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One of the moments of the meeting. / @SDLEIOAoficial

The men of Andoitz Galdós, who had just qualified for the Copa del Rey, went ahead by up to two times on the scoreboard, but could not maintain their advantage

The tie of Leioa (2-2) in his visit to San Ignacio knew little. The men of Andoitz Galdós, who had just qualified for the Copa del Rey, went ahead by up to two times on the scoreboard, but could not maintain their advantage and a goal from the local team in the 91st minute thwarted a victory that seemed to be in the hand. After this distribution of points, Leioa remains in the middle of the table with thirteen to his credit.

The game started with rhythm, but neither team managed to put together dangerous plays. In fact, on the first occasion of the match, Leioa’s first goal also arrived, in the fifteenth minute. In a good triangulation near the rival area, Huidobro, alone in front of the goalkeeper, drew a perfect lateral pass towards Infante, who simply had to push the ball before the empty goal. The goal left San Ignacio a little touched, and for several minutes the visiting team took advantage of the advantage on the scoreboard to try to dominate the game from solidity.

Shortly before the break, San Ignacio managed to tie the game with a powerful shot from Mariano’s right. Leioa tried to create some danger with some shots from outside the area, but the first half ended without any movement on the electronic.


San Ignacio

Frames; Robert, Santi, Manel Martínez, Parada; Mariano, Manu Fernández (Juanma Segura, min. 85), Vidorreta (Unax Álvarez, min. 31), Diallo (Mario Sánchez, min. 80), Imanol; and Maroan.


Unai; Sergio López (Larrauri, min. 62), Etxebarria, Jon Galarza, Haritz; Izan (Ander Herreros, min. 72), Iker de Eguino (Ibai, min. 62), Huidobro; Luisma Villa (Hugo Cabanas, min. 72), Galder and Infante (Antón Fruniz, min. 87).

  • Referee:
    Beitialarrangoitia Olabide (Guipúzcoa). He gave a yellow card to local player Manel Martínez and visitors Iker de Eguino, Luisma Villa and Hugo Cabanas.

  • Goals
    0-1 Infant (min. 16). 1-1 Mariano (min. 38). 1-2 Galder (min. 71). 2-2 Mario Sánchez (min. 91).

At the end of the break it was the locals who had the clearest chances, but the Biscayan team defended with security and solvency, seeking to take advantage of the first chance they could create. The team from Vitoria pushed the ball out of Leioa, and generated some very dangerous plays. The clearest occurred in the 60th minute: a great shot by Mariano with his left leg that forced Unai Llorente to make a great stretch to send the ball to a corner.

The visiting team continued to defend itself until in the 71st minute, after a foul by San Ignacio in three quarters of the field, Luisma Villa focused the warm ball into the area, where Galder had time to control with his foot, turn around and beat calmly to the rival goalkeeper. This goal made it 1-2 with less than 20 minutes to go.

In the closing stages, Leioa fell back a few meters and tried to kill the match through some counterattacks that did not bear fruit. In the end, practically in the last play of the match, the locals got the tie thanks to a great header from Mario Sánchez.

The tables left the boys of Andoitz Galdós with a somewhat bittersweet taste, who could not take the three points after a highly disputed match. Next week they will face the bottom of the standings, Uritarra, who has only collected four units (a victory and a draw) so far this season.


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