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LeBron dezinced dry by the director of Squid Game!

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LeBron James knows a little about the world of entertainment, he who made his big debut in the cinema this summer in Space Jam. It was inevitably with an expert eye that he had given a scathing opinion on the end of Squid Game, and the director of the event series responded with the sulphate.

LeBron James No longer necessarily the head of entertainment after the start of the Lakers worrying season. Indeed, the 2020 champions have a record of 1 victory for 2 losses, and again, this success is largely due to the unexpected explosion of Carmelo Anthony and the feverishness on the free throw line of Ja Morant … The latter is also reassembled after this episode.

But before this bad patch and the many questions that now surround the Purple and Gold, the King took a good time preparing for his 19th season. For example, he spent many hours in front of his TV to watch the event series for this fall of 2021: Squid Game. And after a preseason meeting, he hadn’t hesitated to share a strong opinion on the last episode

LeBron just has to write the sequel to Squid Game

And when LeBron speaks, his words often cross borders. The proof, the creator of the series Hwang Dong-hyuk got wind of the criticisms of the Lakers superstar, and the least we can say is that he did not appreciate at all … So in a recent interview, he counter-attacked with rather surprising and unheard-of violence.

Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk had something to say about LeBron James’ criticisms of the end of the series: “This is my end. If he has an idea for an ending that he might be happy with, maybe he could write his own sequel. I’ll watch out of curiosity and maybe send him a message that says, “I really liked the whole show except the end.” ”

It is not uncommon to see an artist defend his jewel, especially when we know the many stages that the director of Squid Game had to go through to bring out his masterpiece on our screens. But from there to respond with such violence … Anyway, LeBron has the funds, the production company, and the experience in entertainment to meet this challenge.

LeBron James touched an artist in his sensitivity, he has to do with the consequences of his declaration. And who knows, he writesPerhaps one day a work as popular as Squid Game will go, and he will be able to see the impact of the critics …

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