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LeBron and Westbrook like kids in front of Dwight Howard’s action!

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In a rather easy end of the game, Dwight Howard took the opportunity to have fun with the Lakers. On the bench, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James loved the streak, the proof with their reaction. Like what, the atmosphere is better in Los Angeles.

Beaten by the Thunder earlier in the week, the Lakers reacted perfectly this Friday night with a 113-101 success. Their victim? The Cavaliers, who have not yet been unworthy. This team continues to play an interesting basketball, with in particular a very good Evan Mobley, author of 23 points to 10/16 shooting. But on arrival, with this LeBron missile for example, it is the Angelinos who are smiling.

Dwight Howard quietly punishes at three points!

This is all the more the case with the end of the match, where the substitutes were able to play for a few minutes. Dwight Howard took the opportunity to have fun, with a successful three-point shot. He is left alone behind the arc, and tries his luck: the fans, as well as the players can only appreciate.

Yes, Westbrook and LeBron really liked the streak, as you can see from their reaction. On the video, we even see D12 carrying out the celebration of Carmelo Anthony, by tapping 3 fingers on his head. It makes the video even funnier, which will appeal to fans after a somewhat tricky start to the season.

The Angelinos got the job done, although there are still details to be worked out. The good news is that this roster can only grow over the weeks, and you can already feel it. To be continued.

With a shooting Dwight Howard, the Lakers took another victory which is good for morale. The smile is present in Los Angeles, even if it is now necessary to find its cruising speed. We will have the opportunity to watch all that Sunday night, against the Rockets.

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