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LeBron and AD give a strong opinion on Squid Game, the event series

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The preseason is the least of the worries for the Lakers. The players know they’ll be expected in the regular season, so right now they’re focusing more on automatics than results. The proof, after the defeat against the Warriors, LeBron and AD decided to talk about… Squid Game!

In less than three weeks, more than 110 million Netflix subscribers have been passionate about the event series of this fall 2021: Squid Game. For those who do not know, which is quite rare, Squid Game is a Korean survival series where several protagonists must participate in childish games like “1, 2, 3 Sun” to win a huge jackpot. We therefore follow the psychological evolution of these characters who have to face death.

And the phenomenon affects absolutely everyone. The proof, after the new defeat of the Lakers against the Warriors this Tuesday, LeBron James and Anthony Davis shared their thoughts on the series in front of the cameras. The King, passionate, would obviously have preferred a different ending to that offered by the author. He is probably not the only one with this in mind. Attention spoiler !

LeBron James disappointed with the end of Squid Game

LeBron James : I didn’t like the end of the series. I know they’re trying to open the door to a second season, but get your ass on that fucking plane and go see your daughter brother. What are you doing buddy ?! He just won 5 billion won.

Anthony Davis : This is clearly not my problem anymore, I won the game. And I will get my wife back on top of that. Her new boyfriend doesn’t have as much money as I do now. Money has a say.

If you have made it this far, you have finished the series, in any case it is better because the spoilers are not over. LeBron James and Anthony Davis refer here to the main character’s crazy decision to turn around at the airport, as he was about to join his daughter in the United States and flee the hell of her daily life in Korea. A storytelling pirouette that makes it easy to envision a season two in the coming months.

The two Lakers superstars are obviously not fans of this choice and would have preferred a traditional and more joyful end, even if it means saying goodbye to a sequel. But as we do not dissolve a team that works well and has just won the title in the NBA, Netflix cannot touch this masterpiece that has made millions of spectators dream. The actors deserve an extra season to prove themselves.

The Squid Game phenomenon has reached the NBA and no doubt that LeBron James and Anthony Davis are not the only ones to have debated in the locker room!

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