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Latvian national team closes world championship in trolley with a loss to Canada – Winter sports – Sportacentrs.com

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The game of Latvia’s last main tournament was very intense. Although the Canadians stole one point in the third end, until the seventh end none of the teams advanced comfortably. Canada was only one point ahead with 3: 2. It was the seventh end that decided the fate of the game. The Canadians managed to take three points in the last self-throw, reaching 6: 2. Ours in the eighth end tried to fix something, but it was too late, experiencing the seventh loss in the championship.

Thus, for the Latvian wheelchair team, this championship ended with four victories in 11 games and would retain a place in the highest division in the next world championship.

In the penultimate round of the game, Sweden beat the Norwegian neighbors 9: 2, the USA defeated Slovakia 9: 5, and Switzerland took the second victory, beating Korea 7: 4.

Even before the last round of the game, the six teams that will continue to fight for medals are known – China, the Russian Curling Federation, Sweden, the USA, Canada and Scotland. These six teams will have to find out the distribution of seats in the main event after the last game in order to find out the order of the play-off.

All teams will play 11 games. After the round tournament, the decisive battles will take place, in which the six best will enter. The first and second place winners of the main tournament will automatically qualify for the semi-finals. Their opponent will be determined between the 3rd-6th place and the 4th-5th place winners. The final fight will take place on October 30 at 09:35 Latvian time.

Composition of the Latvian wheel curling team: Polina Rožkova (skips), Ojārs Briedis, Agris Lasmans, Sergejs Djačenko, Aleksandrs Dimbovskis, coaches – Arnis Veidemanis and Rihards Jeske, physiotherapist Signe Rinkule.

Latvian wheel curling team schedule and results (Latvian time):

2: 8 – Russian Curling Federation
8:5 – Slovakia
6:5 – Korea
6:3 – Norway
3: 7 – China
6: 8 – Sweden
1:10 – Scotland
5: 7 – Switzerland
2:9 – ASV
5:3 – Italy
2: 6 – Canada

Overall rating:

1. China 10-8-2 Q
1. Russian Curling Federation 10-8-2 Q
1. Sweden 10-8-2 QQ
4. ASV 10-7-3 Q
5. Scotland 10-6-4 Q
5. Canada 10-6-4 Q
7. Norway 11-5-6
8. Latvia 11-4-7
9. Korea 10-3-7
10. Slovakia 11-3-8
11. Italy 10-2-8
12. Switzerland 11-2-9

The start of the Latvian wheelchair national team in the world championship is supported by the Latvian Paralympic Committee, the Central Laboratory and the Moon Pharmacy.

Online results: https://worldcurling.org/events/wwh…


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