Lanús was effective and is escort

They don’t get it out of their heads. Neither the goal, nor the goals that appear. The LPF is not yet a utopia for Lanús because its captain Lautaro Acosta keeps alive the sacred fire of this team that is not only an escort for River but is also the 2nd with the most goals in favor (34).

And by the way he is taking over (he is in the Libertadores area), perhaps the other side of this Argentinos Juniors that shows his teeth when he has the ball but that in front of the goal huddles. And neither does league, it’s true … That is why today he sleeps outside the South American, and to top it off on Wednesday he plays the kill-kills with Boca for the semis of the Argentine Cup …

As a proposal it sounds attractive but ends up being unproductive. That Argentinos handle the ball as they did during the PT invites us to understand that there is a job, a search, but their lack of force complicates it. Or rather, a more practical and deep rival like Lanús becomes a stumbling block very easily.

Just as Laucha Acosta won the position from Elías Gómez and headed pumped to make it 1-0. Perhaps, the only play from band to band that set up the visit in the first half, which had Malcorra stabbing on the left. Instead the Bug proposed from possession, exploited the right wing with Luciano Gómez and Florentín, but Coronel was not fine when he entered the area or 10 on the stopped ball.

Given this lack of offensive weight, Milito quickly moved the bench and sent Reniero for Coronel. And precisely the forward generated one of the most dangerous plays of AAAJ: a good hook that left him face to face with Morales, but the Garnet goalkeeper showed off.

Yes, the one from La Paternal managed to go deep in the ST and forced Lanús to defend very close to his goal. By case, the admitted Matías Pérez cleared a lost ball on the line and then Morales returned to shine …

El Bicho could tie it, but Grana also closed it (Sand, header at the angle). In short, Acosta’s goal, the key to continue in La Laucha …





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