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Lakers and LeBron OK, Clippers and Pelicans at the bottom

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7 NBA games played in the night between Friday and Saturday, col return to the field of the Lakers at home against the Cleveland Cavs and still with doubt LeBron James, and that of Brooklyn Nets against the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat against the excellent Charlotte Hornets of this start of the season.

Between Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic is also a challenge between picks number 4 and 5 in the last NBA draft, that is Scottie Barnes e Jalen Suggs, while the one between Dallas Mavs and Denver Nuggets played between teams with ambitions in the Western Conference.

Risultati NBA: Toronto Raptors-Orlando Magic 110-109

Enjoyable game at the ScotiaBank Arena in Toronto, the Raptors appear only in the final and with the thrill: Orlando has in fact the victory ball with Cole Anthony, but wastes it after a comeback in the final minutes.

A wasted ball that does not detract from a test from North Carolina for the second year 24 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. The game against the Raptors is the first this season in which Jalen Suggs manages to show all his potential: perhaps stimulated by the challenge against Barnes, Suggs scores 21 points (maximum in career) with 4 assist in 30 minutes, and 4 out of 8 on a three-pointer. All coach Mosley’s quintet goes into double digits, In Bamba captures 18 rebounds and scores 14 points.

Toronto always leads the game, in the fourth quarter the Magic get closer (77-78) but 52 seconds from the end, Suggs scores from three points with a foul for the 110-106 Raptors, so with 32 from the end it is Franz Wagner always three to make 110-109. OG Anunoby misses by three points and with 5.2 seconds left to play, the Magic have the possession of the tie ma Gary Trent Jr touches the ball to Cole Anthony, who has to shoot from halfway, his shot has no hope of entering and Toronto wins.

Scottie Barnes is the best scorer with 21 points and 9 out of 14 shooting, with 9 rebounds. For Trent Jr and Fred VanVleet 19 points each, they are 10 points off the bench for Dalano Banton, with 5 rebounds.

Brooklyn Nets-Indiana Pacers 105-98

James Harden pride, who against the Pacers reacts to criticism on his state of form and closes with 29 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists and 19 free throws tempted (16 out of 19).

Harden and Kevin Durant earn 27 free throws in two, to back up the Nets duo LaMarcus Aldridge who scores 21 points, coming off the bench. For KD a quiet game in attack, with 22 points with 11 rebounds and 7 assists but also 7 turnovers. In the third quarter, Durant also gets a technical foul for throwing the ball into the stands of the Barclays Center after a foul suffered by TJ McConnell.

The Pacers are without Warren, LeVert and Brogdon injured, they start strong with 38 points in the first quarter but the Nets regulate them in the final, when Harden and Durant generate all the last 15 points of the team. The rookie Chris Duarte continues to amaze for effectiveness in attack, with 19 points, but the Pacers (1-5) are in a bad moment. Torrey Craig scores 28 points, career maximum, with 4 triples, neither team shines particularly in attack, with low percentages from behind the arc.

Miami Heat-Charlotte Hornets 114-99

Too Jimmy Butler e Bam Adebayo for the Hornets, the Miami duo dominates the match at the FTX Arena and for the Heat it is the fourth victory of five games.

Butler scores 32 points with 12 out of 19 shooting, 10 rebounds and 5 assists, Adebayo closes with a double double da 26 points and 19 rebounds soaring easily over Mason Plumlee and PJ Washington. The bad night of LaMelo Ball on the other side (just 2 out of 14 shooting) soon extinguished the hopes of the Hornets.

Miami controls from the first quarter, butler and Adebayo are joined by the usual Tyler Herro which scores 26 points, and which after just 5 games is already the mandatory candidate for the prize of sixth man of the year. For him also 5 rebounds and 6 assists. Kyle Lowry instead continues to fight with the basket but is the defensive pivot of the Heat with Jimmy & Bam, +11 plus minus with the former Raptors on the pitch for Miami.

Sacramento Kings-New Orleans Pelicans 103-99

It’s late early for the Pelicans (1-5) still beaten at home this time by Sacramento Kings, who after surprising the Suns on the siren 24 hours earlier, are now over 50% of wins (3-2).

The Hero of Phoenix Harrison Barnes closes with 18 points and 12 rebounds, De’Aaron Fox still argues with percentages shooting but scores 23 points with 7 rebounds and 5 assists. from the bench Buddy Held is the Californian answer to Tyler Herro, he scores 20 points in 30 minutes.

New Orleans tries to get out of the corner, with the pride of Jonas Valančiūnas (24 points with 13 rebounds) but concedes his direct opponent Richaun Holmes 21 points with a single shooting error. Without Zion Williamson, the Pelicans are also lacking in playmaking, with Devonte ‘Graham and Nickeil Alexander-Walker effectively out of role. The result is that the attack struggles and relies on Brandon Ingram’s isolations as Graham and Alexander-Walker fired blanks from three points.

Denver Nuggets-Dallas Mavs 106-75

Mavs in back to back e schiantati dai Nuggets, con Nikola Jokic who despite a bad knee is on the field and in just 26 minutes he plays for himself: 11 points, 16 rebounds and 8 assists.

With a convincing team performance, Denver scrambles the Mavericks too bad even for a back to back, in attack. Luka Doncic closes with 5 his 18 to the shot, All Dallas is no better than 29% from the field and scores just 12 points in the third quarter when the game is decided. In Dallas he also mounts the caso Kristaps Porzingis, stopped after 3 games for back problems and who will remain out until he’s physically all right“, As confirmed by coach Jason Kidd after the Denver race.

The Mavericks came from three straight wins, but after 5 games the team looks anything but solid, and without Porzingis and with a Tim Hardaway still far from top form, they are too Doncic-addicted.

Portland Trail Blazers-LA Clippers 111-92

Clippers, need to worry? Against the Blazers comes the fourth defeat in the first five games, and after the bad defeat against the Cavs, Paul George and his teammates still stop well below the 100 points scored. And of the 92 total, 42 points are from only George.

Portland takes off already in the second quarter, Damian Lillard closes with 25 points and 5 out of 7 from three, with 6 assists, and under the basket Jusuf Nurkic makes the difference with 14 points and 17 rebounds, the Blazers find again after two games of stoppage too Norman Powell. The result is 19 team triples for the hosts, with the Clippers getting nothing from anyone other than Paul George. Reggie Jackson never scores, the bench is overwhelmed and only Luke Kennard tries to be aggressive in attack. Attack that struggles dangerously for LA, 28esima per offensive rating after 5 games, the absences of Serge Ibaka and obviously Kawhi Leonard weigh like boulders.

For Portland a rematch after the 30-point backhand suffered by the Clippers 5 days ago, and the good news of a Lillard back on the ball after a slow start.

Los Angeles Lakers-Cleveland Cavs 113-101

LeBron James returns to the field against his former Cavs, after two missed games, and with his big three in the field, the Lakers regulate Cleveland in the fourth period. James scores 26 points with 8 assists, without ever accelerating too much and shooting with 1 out of 10 from three points with 7 turnovers, Russell Westbrook he is more under control and in 34 minutes he closes with 19 points and 8 out of 13 shooting, with 6 rebounds and 5 assists.

The usual stands out from the bench Carmelo Anthony: 24 points with 9 out of 12 shooting and 6 triples, Melo is in fact the best man of the Lakers’ start of the season.

The Cavs are back to back and in the fourth period they lose energy, missing too many shots, and here the Lakers build their advantage, with Anthony’s triples. Evan Mobley continues to impress, also in the direct match against Anthony Davis, and closes with 23 points and 6 assists. Collin Sexton shoots badly, Darius Garland has a double double with 18 points and 11 assists but 6 turnovers, the Lakers dominate with 54% from the field and 60 points in the area.

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