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La Conmebol opposes the proposed World Cup every two years

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It’s a new blow for Arsène Wenger and FIFA. For several days, the director of world football development within the international body has been touring the media to defend his plan for a World Cup every two years. Unfortunately for the former Arsenal manager, the sling is getting organized.

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Thus, several European championships, players or even supporters have already firmly opposed a World Cup every two years. This time, the blow is hard for FIFA since the Conmebol formalized via a press release its opposition on the subject. Tuesday, the board of directors of the body which brings together the South American football federations, met to discuss this sensitive issue during its monthly meeting.

La Conmebol bangs his fist on the table

On Wednesday, the latter published an official statement materializing its disapproval on the issue. “The CONMEBOL Council, meeting in person in Luque, Paraguay, on October 27, 2021, has again analyzed the proposal to hold the World Cup every two years and considers it necessary to declare the following: There is no has no reason, benefit or justification for the change promoted by FIFA. In this perspective, the ten countries that make up CONMEBOL confirm that they will not participate in a World Cup organized every two years. The project in question turns its back on nearly 100 years of tradition in world football, ignoring the history of one of the most important sporting events on the planet. CONMEBOL supports the World Cup currently in force, with its modalities and classification systems, because it has proven to be a successful model, based on sporting excellence and which rewards effort, talent and hard work. planned, “ thus reveals the press release.

A clear position of the Conmebol which defends what it describes as a tradition of world football. Impossible for the person concerned to go against nearly 100 years of history therefore. Establishing a World Cup every two years would be tantamount to obscuring what makes the charm of a competition unanimously respected by both the players in the game and the fans. With such a position, FIFA finds itself at the foot of the wall. Ten days ago, its president Gianni Infantino was touring South America to extol the merits of such a project. A final snub for the leader of world football. The International Federation will meet on December 20, with its 211 member national federations with the aim of achieving its goals and establishing a World Cup every two years. The approach promises to be complex as the pitfalls multiply on its way …

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