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Krimizeit in Hellmonsödt

by archysport

HELLMONSÖDT. Planned for last year, postponed until this year: canceled due to the storm at the time, the ÖVP women Hellmonsödt are now organizing the “crime time in Hellmonsödt” for Saturday, November 6th in the school’s ballroom.

After much back and forth, the VP representatives are happy that the author Eva Reichl from Ried in der Riedmark has accepted her invitation and comes to Hellmonsödt to read from her Mühlviertel crime novels. The location of her books is the Mühlviertel: Chief Inspector Oskar Stern investigates mysterious murders at various crime scenes. In addition to the reading, there is also a musical accompaniment by the Fliecher family. Start is at 8 p.m., reservations are requested at [email protected]

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