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Kevin Durant in the race for an all-time record, ahead of Jordan!

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Kevin Durant is in train to redeem an image after his so controversial stint at Golden State, in particular thanks to his undeniable level of play. He could continue this momentum by doing better than Michael Jordan in a prestigious offensive category.

At the dawn of this new season, Kevin Durant has nothing more to prove to anyone. He is double NBA champion, even if some do not digest him since he reached the heights with the Warriors, double MVP of the Finals, but also triple Olympic champion with a last coronation thathe went to look like a big boss against the France team. Better still, he is recognized today as the best player in the world.

Besides, except for a huge surprise, the Nets superstar should find a place in the sun in the ranking of the 75 best players in the history of the NBA, proof that his legend is well established. He is part of the all-time elite, and even if he never lifts the Larry O’Brien Trophy again, that status will never be questioned. If he is so well regarded, beyond his record, it is also thanks to his offensive quality.

Kevin Durant more efficient than Jordan

Indeed, Kevin Durant is a unique specimen in history. Never has a player of his size been so mobile, so comfortable with the ball in his hands and so skillful. Some specialists consider him to be the best striker of all time, in particular thanks to his incredible efficiency. Moreover, he is on the way to becoming the most efficient all-time superstar, ahead of Michael Jordan. The site BasketballNetwork recount :

Kevin Durant scores 27 career points per game in just 18.6 attempts. In the story, only Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor do better, but the three were taking a lot more shots. If we take into account KD’s 49% success in career, he would turn to well over 30 points per game with the same number of attempts as the other legends cited. He can become the most effective scorer in history.

Kevin Durant is already one of the best scorers in history, and he reached this place taking far fewer shots than the others… For example, Michael Jordan and Elgin Baylor averaged 23 and 24 shots, or 4 and 5 more than KD! With more individualism, the Nets winger could well have surpassed the legendary No.23 Bulls in the ranking of the best career average. A figure that puts his exceptional talent into perspective.

Without Kyrie Irving, suspended by the Nets, Kevin Durant will have the opportunity to have fun open mindedsively and take more shots. Will it be able to maintain its effectiveness?

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