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Karat basketball, dream Euroleague starter

by archysport

You can play basketball better but, at times, it is difficult. Perfumerías Avenida has embroidered basketball in many phases of the match against BLMA to beat the French runner-up 88-67 in a match dominated almost from the beginning and with a choral performance (up to six players in nine or more points) of which they like. It is not for less. Würzburg was dazzled in a great European night with the game of his own, tying the electric French team in defense and moving the ball offensively to a thousand wonders, the best of the season. And with that, Avenida gets into an incredible 4-0 start in the Euroleague, something he hasn’t been able to (in normal ELW) for ten years. Karlie’s success (omnipresent back and forth) stood out as the top scorer, but not to name Bella, Andrea, Lou, Maite, Leo today … it would be unfair.

A renewed quintet, with Andrea to squeeze Wallace, Lou to 3 and Noga and Bella on the inside under Silvia’s baton was the bet of a start that was not expected, with too many defensive concessions to go 2-6. But until then, Avenida took command with a 7-0 partial, including the first triple of the game, and he would never leave it. The match was a true offensive festival. BLMA proposed quick transitions, without thinking too much, and the charro team entered the game with a ball movement and found the best option. When Karlie came in, that option had her name on the corners, almost infallible. An initial 28-22 to enjoy.

And the festival of both in attack went to a more defensive twist of Avenida. The rotation of the charras was a pylon hammer for the French, more punished by minutes. The start of the second set was a gale from which the finery was not spared, which, in a seen and not seen, was seen with a -12. Bella supplying Lou, Karlie with the aim, Leo and his penetrations … And, behind, Hof’s inner defense recital almost taking his pair to midfield. Minutes of a high level, a lot, before a, let’s not forget, a great team. Only a final triple on the horn from Wallace, who was waging war on his own, saved BLMA from going over twenty, 52-34.

Avenida knew that he would have to endure the initial French arreón, his only option to survive the game. They tried, with five points in a row, but Avenida knew how to stay calm and hold on to the good minutes of Bella, who put the pavilion on its feet after an alley-oop with Andrea. That seemed like the last outburst of BLMA that, when it saw again that the rent rose from twenty points in another arreón of good charro game, they gave up. Of course, Avenida did not give up in his efforts to defend, to squeeze each rival player, regardless of the success. Cazorla got on his motorcycle to continue putting gears in attack, 75-53 with ten minutes to go.

And there was no more story. Wallace and Epoupa kept trying, but the azulonas did not lower the piston, each player who entered contributed more intensity and the income came to around 30 points, nothing more and less in the Euroleague, against a disarmed BLMA. The final moments, in which he was able to say goodbye to Avenida Mia Masic after fulfilling his temporary contract, served for a light French make-up that would serve nothing more than to slightly cut the rent in a brilliant clash of the Salamanca. The line is still marked before facing ten days of heart attack.

PERFUMERIAS AVENIDA 88- BLMA 67 (28-22, 24-12, 23-19 and 13-14)

Avenue: Domínguez (4), Vilaró (10), L Samuelson (10), Lo (2) and Alarie (10). They also played: K Samuelson (17), Rodríguez (11), Cazorla (9), Hof (6), Fasoula (4), Evans (4), Masic (0)

BLMA: Epoupa (11), Wallace (24), Touré (8), Naigre (10) and Waverly (1). They also played: Peters (6), Filip (5), Zemorua (2), Kiavi (0), Riviere (0)


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