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Junior Judo World Championships in Olbia, 7th place for the blue Mixed-Team – Ceci Simo’s living room

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→ Ai World Junior Championships from Judo a Olbia seventh place for theMixed-Team light blue (TW: @FijlkamOfficial – FB: @Fijlkam)

Italy 7th in teams, the blue balance ends positively

It is seventh place for the blue Mixed-Team who closed the junior world championship in this way Olbia. There is a subtle vein of disappointment that hovers among the Azzurri and, despite the maximum effort, they feel they have paid dearly for Vincenzo Pelligra’s injury.

After the sharp victory obtained over Kazakhstan, 4 to 1 with the victories of Asya Tavano, Lorenzo Rossi, Carlotta ADVANCED and Martina Esposito (in the order in which they fought), the blue team faced solid Turkey in the quarterfinals in a challenge certainly insidious, but possible for the forces in the field.

Possible at least until Vincenzo Pelligra’s knee gave way, forcing him to give up. And Turkey, now on 3 to 0, took home the match despite the point scored by Martina Esposito.

Then things got complicated also in the recovery with Ukraine, which Italy started already one point ahead due to the absence of the opponent to oppose Carlotta Advanced in the 57 kg. An advantage then doubled by Luigi Centracchio, who practically canceled Rostyslav Berezhnyi, but not the decisive response of Ukraine which overturned the result by fixing the final at 4 to 2.

“We did a good world championship anyway – said the coach Salvatore Ferro– all our boys have put their maximum effort into play, no one has pulled back and the fact that something more could have arrived is in the order of things, even if it leaves each of us a certain disappointment “.

“Vincenzo Pelligra’s injury was the turning point for our match today – said the coach Corrado Bongiorno– and unfortunately for us, it was a bad turn.

All the girls and boys believed in it and never gave up, so I think the balance of this championship is equally positive for us. The team is there and looks to the future with confidence ”.

Results 5th day

Third place final A: Ukraine-Germany 3-4

Third place final B: Hungary-Turkey 2-4

First place finish: France-Russia 4-0

Standings: 1. France, 2. Russia, 3. Germany and Turkey, 5. Ukraine and Hungary, 7. Italy and Brazil

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