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Julián Álvarez’s response to Marcelo Gallardo and what he would like to imitate from Maestro Tabárez: 11 phrases from Lionel Scaloni before facing Uruguay

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Coach Lionel Scaloni thinks about the duel against Uruguay (EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

Equality 0-0 against Paraguay in Asunción it’s a thing of the past. In the Argentine national team they began to turn the page to put their mind on the tough duel that they will have to face tomorrow, from 8:30 p.m., against Uruguay in the Monumental.

The Albiceleste, with 19 units, is located in the second position of the table of positions of the South American Qualifiers towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup. However, the national team cannot relax, since only three points away are the Charrúas (their next opponent) and Ecuador.

Lionel Scaloni, in the run-up to the last practice prior to the clash against Oscar Washington Tabárez’s men, He analyzed the present of the team and referred to the physical state of some of its main figures. In the duel before the Albirroja Marcos Acuña was replaced by Nicolás Tagliafico product of a muscle discomfort and the striker Lautaro Martinez He could not be from the game due to an overload that he dragged from the last duel with Inter of Italy (his teammate Joaquín Correa entered in his place). The DT did not confirm the presence of either of the two and explained that they will be evaluated in training this Saturday afternoon. Anyway, he clarified: “Whoever plays, we are calm because the team’s performance was satisfactory.”

Regarding the controversy over the public request he made Marcelo gallardo by Julian Alvarez so I could stay with him Millionaire to play against Banfield, the coach of the Albiceleste cast pointed out: “With the River coaching staff we have maximum communication, since we assumed we always had direct communication. In the case of Julián it is impossible that we can give it up. He is with all his head thinking about the Selection. For him it is a difficult situation because his team is fighting for the championship. The decision is so that he can contribute as much as he can, as a starter, entering or even when he is not there ”.

And, asked about his vision of the cycle of Oscar Tabárez at the helm of the Uruguay national team, Scaloni was very appreciative of DT Charrúa: “I would like to stay here for 15 years. Not only at the level of results, but also of behavior, of a sense of belonging. They have a way of being, of feeling, of playing with the Uruguay jersey that we believe is the line to follow. Hopefully it can be done in Argentina and that a coach can be there all those years. We know what the Master is, that based on who commands those 15 years, everything is magnified. Not only is he a great coach, he is an admirable person, an example to follow and that is positive ”.

It should be noted that this game against Uruguay comes after several players from the Argentine squad receive good news. Goalkeeper Draw Martínez was one of the 10 selected by France Football magazine to win the Lev Yashin Trophy (Will compete against Gianluigi Donnarumma, Ederson, Kasper Schmeichel, Edouard Mendy, Thibaut Courtois, Keylor Navas, Manuel Neuer, Jan Oblak and Samir Handanovic). What’s more, Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez are among the 30 candidates to win the long-awaited Ballon d’Or.

Argentina prepares for the Rio de la Plata classic against Uruguay (EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)
Argentina prepares for the Rio de la Plata classic against Uruguay (EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)


– “Argentina is a rival that everyone plays for, it is an important team, by winning the Copa América this increases. All the games we play will be like the one in Paraguay, which was very difficult. Let’s hope that tomorrow will be similar ”.

– “We always play the same way, not only thinking about attacking, but also thinking that the rivals have their good points. Uruguay have virtues in offense and we will take precautions, but that is not why we will play differently ”.

– “We believe that a striker to be with us has to generate mobility and work a lot when he doesn’t have the ball. Everyone we have does. Lucas (Alario) has played with us as second striker, he did very well and has conditions, both on the right and on the left. With their nuances, they are all highly mobile players who know how to associate and that is what we are looking for. It is what we will surely take to the field tomorrow ”.

– “Guido Rodríguez and Leandro Paredes have played together and have done well. Guido is a fully guaranteed player who is available to play and can contribute many things. Against Paraguay they entered with a cut game and with them betting on the stopped ball, so their entry gave us strength in that area in the middle of the court. They can play together without any problem, it will depend on what we want to raise tomorrow ”.

– “Regarding the game with Brazil, we hope that a decision can be made when before, the dates are passing and I don’t see material time for that game to be put in a window. I don’t know how they are going to do it. I wait for a resolution when before because we have to play the second leg and we don’t know what will happen to the first leg. We are not the culprits, we are the victims ”.

– “We have full guarantees in the right-back position, there is even Juan (Foyth) who can give us something other than Gonzalo (Montiel) and Nahuel (Molina). Foyth is with continuity, he has a different way of playing and could play tomorrow. But I am happy with Nahuel’s game, which is growing, he is adjusting to being in the Argentine team with his youth. We are happy with Gonzalo who is a fairly consolidated player at our base and tomorrow we will decide who plays ”.

– “It would be good to face (a European team), but unfortunately now it is not possible and we have to continue with what we are.”

– “Uruguay historically is a difficult rival for Argentina and vice versa. I admire his way of understanding football, of facing the Qualifiers and the World Cups, I have friends and former teammates whom I appreciate very much. We are quite similar and I think that is where the strength of these teams lies ”.

– “Tomorrow’s approach does not change from what we have been doing because we have been doing it well, we must promote and correct some things. If a player is not available, you have to change him with another who can do the same or better, with nuances in the position, but the idea of ​​the game is the same ”.

– “Uruguay is a team with all the letters, everyone is going for the same side beyond the names. He has a mix of young and experienced players who bring their own. He has a very dynamic midfield with people in the best clubs in the world and first-rate forwards. It is a selection of the best in the world. Where it goes, compete. It’s going to be a very difficult and tough game, like all the Playoffs, with the addition that I think it is one of the most powerful teams in the world ”.

– “The sensations are good, but the sensations don’t give points. I still think it is better to draw as we did against Paraguay than in other circumstances. That leaves us calm. The first 30 to 35 were among the best since we’ve been here, then they took the initiative, we took it up again … The balance is more than positive, beyond the fact that we would have liked to win. Sometimes you get positive things even when you empathize or with a negative result. We are calm because the line to follow is this. Tomorrow is different: we play at home, with a team that knows what they are playing at. That is why staying alone with Paraguay would not be good, we have to insist on what was done well ”.


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