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Judo: Sophie Berger comes out injured from the tatami in Malaga!

by archysport

Concern around Sophie Berger, this Sunday, in Malaga, where the Liégeoise was engaged in -78 kg. During her first fight, against the modest Lithuanian Dudenaite (22 years old / nc), Sophie in fact twisted her right knee on a movement on the ground of her opponent … While she was largely leading this face-to-face. -face after two penalties inflicted on the Lithuanian, our compatriot was taken to the ground by her. If she got up, Sophie could not continue the fight. Supported by the medical service, she got out of the tatami as best she could. According to Cédric Taymans, the French-speaking DT, she will have to take exams as soon as she returns to Belgium to assess the seriousness of this injury. We really cross our fingers for her.

On -70 kg, Maxine Heyns won in the first round against the Austrian Fiandor (21 years / nc) before losing to the Dutchwoman De Voogd (23 years / n ° 89). This one thought at first to win on an arm lock, but the referee reconsidered his decision after viewing the phase! Then, it is on an immobilization that … the bronze medalist at the Euro -23 years of 2019 defeated our compatriot.

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