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Judo Book | Discover the best judo books

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At present there is a lot of literature on the practice and theory on which judo is based.

Such amount of information makes it necessary to select the judo books What better material do they offer to the judoka or to anyone who wants to enter the world of this centuries-old martial art.

What is the best judo book?

There are many teachers and practitioners who have entered the literary world and have chosen to transmit all its principles in a book.

Judo books are characterized by having in a few words a whole world of information about the practice.

judo book

In this kind of judo books we can find information about:

Judo techniques

This type of book immerses itself fully in the world of techniques and helps the judoka to know how to improve his activity through recommendations from judo experts.

Judo history

In most cases, judo books they usually speak at least in part, of the history of judo. However, there are books dedicated entirely to knowing the origin and evolution of this martial art.

It is a good option for those who are just starting out in judo or for those who, with experience, want to learn more about their roots.

Educational judo books

Also exist judo books aimed at judo teachers. These types of books offer recommendations when it comes to teaching martial art and can be oriented to both children’s education and adult education.

Judo books for children

There are also judo books for children that are aimed at introducing the child to the practice of this martial art. You can even find books in which the protagonist is a young judoka who lives a thousand and one adventures while practicing his favorite sport.

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