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Judo. Back from injury, Nicolas Chilard has “the fangs” – Judo

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How did your rehabilitation go? And where are you at?

I was operated on five and a half months ago in Rennes. I did part of my rehabilitation between Cape Breton and Insep. It allowed me to change surroundings and meet other athletes. I recovered well, I no longer have a deficit in terms of strength and musculature. There are all the tests left every day. There, I feel that it is difficult to be on my knees… I did not have any apprehension while resuming on the tatami mat. You just have to put a little “oil” in the knee for it to come back as before. After this resumption in Rennes, I will work in my club, in Sucy, then in Strasbourg at the Pole, then again in Valence in Spain. I am going to take it up in stages and that is fine.

Are the frustrations of missing the Worlds and not being able to believe in the Tokyo Olympics evacuated?

Mathematically, even though it was complicated, I was still in the race for the Games. I injured myself in Europe, on the first movement of the first fight. At the beginning, I had decided to do the Worlds… I hung on. I saw four specialists who all advised me not to take risks. I thought about it: being at 70%, it was useless. Once the decision was made to be operated, I took the mental step and it was much easier. After, obviously, missing my first Worlds in seniors, resuming just after the Paris Tournament, I have the fangs, yes!

When should we find you in competition? And what are your goals now? Paris 2024 is obviously in the spotlight?

Of course, these are the Games! With the intermediate stages: European championships in April and world championships in August! I have to be efficient from the Worlds, because points count for the Olympics. This is where you have to perform to the maximum. In ten months, I must be back to my level, or even stronger! When you come back from an injury, you come back stronger or you never come back. And a scenario is not possible …

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