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Juan Román Riquelme made the Boca players get off the bus and gave them a sermon in the locker room

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People were already gone, but the twelve he continued his percussion on the rostrum. However, the biggest noise came downstairs, where the players of Boca, who were already bathed, changed and on top of the bus, began to go down towards the changing rooms. They had not forgotten any belongings. The one who asked them to leave the bus because he had to talk to them it was Juan roman riquelme.

The idol vice president was very angry. In a black T-shirt and jean, it was enough to see his circumspect face, the same gesture that had been noticed from the box, when the poor performance of the team was not explained. Especially in the first half.

As he was able to find out Clarion, Roman was tough on the footballers. And a strong message came down because the semifinal of the Argentina Cup, Wednesday at Mendoza in view of Argentinos Juniors, and wants a reaction. In which place was Sebastián Battaglia? Does the vice president understand that the interim coach’s harangue is not enough?

Those who walk the grounds of Ezeiza, headquarters of the Soccer Council, they are clear that Riquelme is not an inactive vice president. Think about football. And does it condition? Do the technicians have the last word? His wish is to take the boys little by little (“I trust the experience of the older ones,” he said at one point during the hand-to-hand talk to Carlos Izquierdoz, the captain) but apparently in the cycle of Miguel Russo and Battaglia, they play more out of necessity than conviction.

In that sense, they are already working in the pass market for 2022. That is why joining the Libertadores is essential.

The talk lasted 10 minutes. The players got back on the bus and before the engines started, Roman came out with the face of few friends, accompanied by two of his most intimate sides. He greeted some fans who shouted at him waving their hands and left the Bombonera. With anger over defeat, but the feeling that nothing was saved.


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