Joshua, prominent in school, Paralympic athlete and writer

Joshua Petri, 17, has a unique talent and humility. That allows you to overcome what may appear to be a limit and takes time to reflect on the effort that each stage of life entails.

In his school he was chosen as the most outstanding student and carried the Argentine flag with pride.

Joshua has a life like any other teenager. Although his schedule is busier.

When she doesn’t have to go to EES No. 12 or School No. 515 “Elina Tejerina de Walsh” on Wednesdays, due to a visual impairment, she enjoys being with her friends, studies from home, writes short stories and is an athlete, although at the moment she is practice is suspended.

At the age of 17, he already participated in 5 editions of the Buenos Aires Games with athletics and rollball, for which he won two gold medals, one silver and one bronze.

Since before the pandemic, he was part of the judo team at UNLP, which will be an adaptation to train at CENARD (National Center for High Sports Performance), with the Paralympic team.


His favorite extracurricular activity, beyond sports, is writing short stories that he shares on Instagram and a new text will soon arrive for his followers at @joshu_jp.

“I write there to be able to reach more people,” he told this newspaper.

His dream is to become a criminal lawyer, for which he is already preparing before the start of the entrance course thanks to the advice of his sister.

His day-to-day is made up of studying, going to school and completing pending tasks or going to training.

Due to the visual decline, it has technological supports that replaced braille.

The computer with which he studies has a program called NBDA that translates the texts and he, with headphones, listens and studies from there.

At school you have everything you need to work with peace of mind.

Joshua confesses that the pandemic and subsequent virtuality caught him better than his peers, who found it more difficult: “Unlike other boys who perhaps had more difficulty, I am used to virtuality since the technological revolution arrived. next to the netbooks ”, he pointed out.

“Everything they teach in school will sooner or later affect your way of being,” he reflected on the educational process.

As a standard-bearer, he commented that for him, the characteristics that someone with such pride should have is willpower and a desire to excel.

“I didn’t deserve the flag, they gave it to me on a silver platter. I have a natural talent for studying. I read and I already have it. There are other boys who kill themselves studying, it is difficult for them and they continue. They deserve it more than I do, “he said.

His favorite subjects are history and literature.

Joshua likes to spend time at school, studying with his three best friends, Emi, Pablo, and Augusto.

“They help me and it’s a way that I don’t get so stressed out. Between conversations, we do the homework, ”he explained.

The teenager said that he thinks about a future with his loved ones close by and living in his country

When it comes to thinking about the future, you don’t see yourself far from the country where your loved ones are. The outstanding student from La Plata wanted to leave a message to the discouraged kids or those who dropped out: “For those who find it a little more difficult, hit it hard. Self-improvement makes the teacher and you are going to be better than those of us who have ease, ”he said.

Along these lines, he also spoke to those adolescents who did not return to the classroom: “To those who left, I understand that there are reasons but I tell them to return. It is the only way to advance in a country like this, “he said.




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