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Jonas wins the French Grand Prix in sixth place

by archysport

Latvian motorcyclist Pauls Jonas from the “Gas Gas” team took the sixth position in the MXGP class of the French “Grand Prix” on Sunday in the 12th stage of the World Motocross Championship.

In the first race, the Latvian took the fourth place, but in the second race, he finished fifth, which gave the sixth place in the overall rating of the stage.

At the start of the second race, the Italian Antonio Cairoli was the first, but already in the first turns he was overtaken by the Dutch Jeffrey Herlings and the Frenchman Roman Febr. As in the first race, Herlings was in the lead for about half of the race, but then Febr was able to overtake the Dutchman and take the first place, being 3.6 seconds ahead. About a minute before the end of the race, Febrs lost his lead, Herlings made a breakthrough, overtaking the French driver by 5.3 seconds and finishing first. Febr took second place, while Slovenian Tim Gayser took third place.

Jonas took fifth place after the first minutes, lagging behind the top four riders by ten seconds. The Latvian driver was only 1.26 seconds behind the fourth place winner Kairoli.

Herlingss took the first place in the French stage with 47 points, the second place with the same number of points, but Febrs took the worst second race, and Gaisers was third with 35 points.

Jonas earned 18 points for the fourth place in the first race, and 16 overall points for the fifth place in the second race.

Herlings is in the leading position in the overall ranking of the World Championship with 460 points, but Febrs is in the second place with 454 points. The top three with 450 points is completed by Guyers, who was in the first place in the overall standings before this stage. Jonas is in the seventh position in the overall standings with 321 points.

There are six more stages left this season, and the next one will take place in the suburbs of Madrid.

In the last stage, which took place in Teichental, Jonas took the fourth place in the overall ranking.

Last year, Slovenian motorcyclist Tim Gayser was crowned MXGP champion for the third time, but Jonas, who suffered a serious injury in the summer, was ranked 31st.

There are 18 stages in the MXGP class this season. The end of the season is scheduled for November in Italy.

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