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Joe Coleman Named “Minnesota Mr. Basketball”

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Bachelorette contestant Joe Coleman quickly grabbed viewers’ attention as an achievable frontrunner in Michelle Young’s season. The 28-year-old is a former basketball player from Minnesota, as is Michelle. When Joe got out of the limo, Michelle recognized him as someone she had met before. In the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, Joe and the rest of the men had a basketball-themed date. Michelle mentioned that Joe was “Minnesota Mr. Basketball,” but what exactly does that mean?

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Who is “The Bachelorette” contestant Joe Coleman?

Joe is a real estate developer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Like Michelle, Joe played high school and college basketball and shares a love for the sport. According to his biography on ABC, Joe “is looking for a woman who is intelligent, caring, articulate and able to make him laugh.”

In week 1, Michelle realized she knew Joe. The two had briefly exchanged messages on Instagram before he ghosted her. It returned to cause drama in week 2. Rumors circulated among the men that Michelle and Joe knew each other before they appeared on the show. Michelle addressed her competitors and set the record straight.

Joe was “Minnesota Mr. Basketball” in high school

In week 2, Michelle and her contestants have a basketball-themed group date. They are joined by WNBA players Dearica Hamby and Diamond DeShields, who put the men through a multitude of drills. Joe shone on this date and Michelle mentioned he was Minnesota Mr. Basketball.

Minnesota Mr. Basketball is an award that recognizes excellence in Minnesota boys’ high school basketball. The award dates back to 1975 and Joe was the recipient in 2011. Michelle describes the award as “basically saying you’re the number one player in the state”. Joe attended Hopkins High School and continued to play college basketball at the University of Minnesota.

Interestingly, Michelle mentions to the group’s day that she was the Minnesota Overlook Basketball finalist that same year. She and Joe are certainly bonded by their love of the sport so far this season. During the group date, Joe’s team lost in a scrum match, but Joe was named MVP of the day and received an invitation to the after-party with the winning team.

Is Joe Coleman still in “The Bachelorette?” ”

During the Week 2 cocktail party on The Bachelorette, Joe and Michelle bonded more. Joe shared that one of his former basketball coaches has passed away. Michelle sympathized and comforted Joe. She awarded him the late night pink group date

Despite the drama that happened later in the episode, Joe is safe and will continue until week three. Fans will need to stay tuned to see if Joe and Michelle find love later in the season.

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