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Jarry remains intractable in Lima: victory and fourth final at the Challenger level of the year

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Jarry continues at a devastating pace in Lima. In a week where he has found his best tennis, the Chilean achieved a new final at Challenger level, showing that he is ready for bigger things. He beat Czech Vit Kopriva 6-3 by double, to ensure their presence in the match for the trophy in the neighboring country.

When Nicolás is on fire, the differences with his rivals are clear from the outset. He still has those qualities that led him to be 60 in the world, like the speed of the ball or the distribution of his serve, and that at this level makes a difference. Kopriva was a victim of that today. From minute one he was one step lower than his rival. Uncomfortable and obfuscated before a player who is rightly better than him.

And so the match was unleashing a victory that already in the first set seemed established. Jarry played what he knows. To what he had and will have him in the elite. Powerful from the serve, in the baseline kicks he was always better off, ordering the actions. When I saw spaces, fast to the mesh and closed stitch. That was a tonic throughout the Lima afternoon.

Jarry took advantage of a break in the first set, to already manage that advantage with his service. It was unbreakable for the Czech and always gave the feeling that everything was under control. On the other hand, quite the opposite. Already in the first set Kopriva threw rackets to the floor and made it clear that he had no answers to counteract the power of the national tennis player.

The 6-3 of the first, an impulse to maintain the level and constancy in the second set. Going back to a final was important not only for the points, but also because Jarry needs to make it clear that he is no longer a Challenger player, that the road traveled in 2021 gave him the air he needed to get back to the top.

Thinking of all that he has overcome and improved during this season, he went out to take the game. Again he got an early break and again the match was a monologue. Jarry proposed, Kopriva resisted. A formula that ended up giving him another resounding 6-3 and incidentally a new Challenger final, the fourth of the year. Tomorrow the title will be played and for now it is 179 in the world. If he lifts the title, he will move to Tabilo in the rankings and become the third best racket in the country.

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